• Triton College Annuitants Association

    Triton College Annuitants Association

    Professor Emeritus John Wager passed away in May, 2013. At Triton, he taught Philosophy and in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Dr. Wager had a PhD in Philosophy from Northwestern University. John was also a US Army Vietnam veteran and the author of "Quiet Year at War."

    Retired Triton employee Vivian Wagner passed away on April 11, 2013, at the age of 79. She was a Registered Nurse and had been a member of the Nursing Careers Dept. She had worked as a supervisor in the Nursing Lab at Triton for many years.

    Dr. Alex Lane passed away in early February, 2013. Dr. Lane was a faculty member in the Triton Science Dept. for 34 years until his retirement in 1999. Alex was born on a rural farm in Georgia, and from those beginnings rose to a full time faculty position at Triton College with a PhD in human anatomy from the U. of Illinois. Alex was one of the original Triton faculty members personally interviewed and hired by Triton’s founding president, Dr. Herbert Zeitlin, when the brand new community college was getting started in 1965. Alex taught anatomy, zoology, and biology and was the author of several books and papers in his field. He was voted Triton Faculty member of the year in 1995 by students and faculty.

    The following memories about Alex Lane were submitted by retired faculty member Bob Hlavin:
    Alex Lane in my mind remains the perfect gentleman and scholar. In his humble fashion, Alex kept me abreast of scholarly achievements over the years, all of which reflected considerable credit on Triton College and his peers. His invitation and participation in a seminar at Heidelberg, Germany was especially noteworthy. On a personal note, Alex came to my office and asked to borrow  an English dictionary. Having more than one, I handed Alex an American Heritage edition. As my retirement neared, Bob Anthony of the Science Department offered me an American Heritage dictionary found in the science department area. "Your name is printed on the cover. Robert Hlavin." I was pleased to note that the dictionary showed wear... well spent.

    Till we meet again, Alex. - Bob Hlavin

    Gordon Simonsen passed away in early Feb. 2012, in Huntley, IL, at the age of 89. Mr. Simonsen was one of the founding members of Triton College in the 1960’s, and served as Executive Vice-President until his retirement in 1979. Mr. Simonsen also served in the US Army in WW2, including the 10th Armored Division during the Battle of the Bulge.

    Retired Triton administrator John Trebbe passed away in August, 2011, in Galesburg, IL, at the age of 87. Known as “Jack” Trebbe, he was the Dean of Continuing Education at Triton College from 1963 until his retirement in 1984. Earlier in his life, Jack served in the US Navy during WWII and the Korean War, and later was a Lt. Commander in the US Naval Reserve.

    Retired faculty member Russell Bruce passed away on July, 26, 2011, at the age of 78. Russell was the first Automotive Technology instructor at the newly formed Triton College in the 1960's. Later in his career, he served in the Business Dept. until his retirement from Triton.

    Retired faculty member Dorothy Libner passed away on Oct. 10, 2011, at the age of 85. Dorothy taught in the Business Department at Triton for 23 years, and was a former chair of the Secretarial Dept.

    Triton Webmaster Alan Dudak passed away on Aug. 25, 2010, of a brain tumor. Alan was 39 years old and was employed in Triton's Information Systems Department.

    Retired faculty member Algis Turner passed away in early April 2010. Al was hired in 1968 and was a full-time faculty member at Triton for 30 years, teaching primarily Tech Physics, until his retirement in the late 1990s.

    Dr. Herbert Zeitlin passed away on March 2, 2010, in Woodland Hills, Calif., at the age of 91. Dr. Zeitlin was the founding president of Triton College, hired in 1964 by the original board of trustees to organize and start up the first community college in the area. Dr. Zeitlin personally interviewed and hired many of the college's original faculty and administrators. Triton held its first classes in the fall of 1965 on the campus of West Leyden High School. Eventually land for a new permanent campus was acquired, and the college moved to its present River Grove location in 1968, adding buildings over the years. Under Dr. Zeitlin's leadership, Triton was named one of the country's outstanding community colleges by Time magazine in 1973. Dr. Zeitlin was Triton's president for 12 years until 1976, at which time he returned to California and served as a college president in that state. After his retirement, he continued to work in education as a consultant and author.

    Elmore Boeger, one of the original board members of Triton College, passed away in 2009 at the age of 95. When Triton College was being organized in 1964, many names were being considered for the brand new community college, but it was Mr. Boeger who suggested the name Triton College, a reflection of the three townships that the college district encompassed. Mr. Boeger will be remembered as "the man who named Triton College."