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    Wed. May 11, 2017
    To All SUAA Members! 
    Yesterday in the House Personal and Pensions Committee, SUAA Attorney Aaron Maduff, Maduff & Maduff, LLC, testified against HB 4027 and HB 4045 – PENSION changes for Tier I currently working and the creation of a Tier III Hybrid.  Both of these bills were identical and sponsored by House Majority Leadership and House Minority Leadership.  Both of these pieces of legislation are almost identical to SB 16 which is part of the Grand Bargain – again, PENSION changes for Tier I currently working and the creation of a Tier III Hybrid.   While the testimony was quite good and convincing, the bills passed out of committee and will be heard on the House Floor.  We would like to particularly thank Representatives Carol Ammons and Scott Drury for their no votes.  Other Representatives thought the battle should be fought on the House Floor. This most likely will happen either Thursday or Friday. 
    Today SB 42, which is a budget implementation bill, failed on the Senator Floor (27 – 24 – 05).  Within the content of this bill was language to remove the continuing appropriation for the College Insurance Program provided to Community College retirees. There was also language to remove the Teachers Retirement Insurance Program.
    While there is a lot of interesting discussion (yelling) on both the House and Senate Floor, we hope that the theatrics stop and a budget can be reached without further destruction to our campuses and personnel.  And now the possibility of attacking Community College retirees and Retired teachers.

    Senate Bill 16  just passed the Senate (31-21-00)  It was unanimously decoupled from the Grand Bargain. Heads to the House.

    -Linda Brookhart, SUAA

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