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    TCSA Alumni Dinner - May 6, 2008


    Triton hosted a dinner for former members of the Triton College Student Association May 6, in the campus Dining Room.

    "We're hoping to reconnect with some of our former student leaders," said Triton College President Dr. Patricia Granados. "We want to welcome back to the campus and, hopefully, see them become involved with our Foundation and Alumni Association."

    Triton alumni spanned the decades from the 1970s through graduates from this past year.

    "My heart is here at Triton College," said Maria Calabria McHugh, a former student trustee. "I was thrilled to get this invitation. I'm also floored at how great the campus, especially the College Center looks!"

    McHugh was one of about 30 graduates enjoying cocktails and dinner. Many had not seen the College Center Building, which was renovated in 2007.

    "If I could, I would relive my Triton years all over again," said Manoli Valencia, TCSA president in 1992. "We had great times here. I met so many different types of people, and the staff here were like second parents. It truly feels like home here."

    "My job now involves a lot of planning and attention to detail, which I definitely learned during my time with TCSA."

    The dinner was hosted through the Office of the Vice President for Student Services Doug Olson, who also served as a Triton student trustee and still is counted as a friend and mentor to many.

    "We looked forward to coming and seeing old classmates, and of course we're here to support Doug," said Gretchen Jorndt-Reyes, a TCSA member from 1992-94. "He has been a great friend to many students."

    "What makes my experience at Triton stand out is the support I received from faculty and staff," said Kevin Miller, a former TCSA senator and current director of Finance at Guerin Prep. "From teachers to counselors and Student Life staff, you always knew you had people in your corner at Triton. It's nice to know they're still here supporting today's students."

    If you are a former Triton College Student Association member, we want to hear from you.

    For more information, contact the Alumni Relations Office at (708) 456-0300, ext.3734.

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