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    Counseling Services

    Counseling services are free to students. The following are some of the resources and services the Counseling Department provides to students:

    Academic Counseling Services
    Counselors may assist you in clarifying your goals and developing an educational plan to reach those goals. Counselors can guide you through a process which brings to light important information you need in making informed decisions and understanding all of your options on the path to goal achievement. Counselors can also assist you in creating a program plan for you to complete your goals at Triton and beyond.

    As you proceed through college, your counselor is an ongoing connection to keep you moving forward.

    Free Workshops & Events
    The counseling department offers an array of workshops & events free of cost for Triton students.

    Program Planning
    The counseling department can provide examples and guidance on creating an Academic Program Plan to help guide you through your time at Triton College. Think of your Program Plan as a map to help you navigate the courses that you need in order to be successful. Program Plans are best completed via appointments with your specific curriculum counselor.

    Student Assistance Plan
    The Student Assistance Plan (SAP) is a Triton College-sponsored benefit for currently enrolled students. The program is provided in cooperation with the Employee Resource Center (ERC) located in Hillside.

    Immediate, private help in dealing with life's problems is available through Triton's Student Assistance Plan. If you would like more information, please contact the SAP directly at (800) 456-6327 or www.perspectivesltd.com. The Username for Triton College Students is: TRI004 and the password is: perspectives. The staff will be happy to assist you!