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    Students who self identify and submit documentation of a disability to the Center for Access and Accommodative Services, CAAS, will be approved for academic accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act each semester they enroll at Triton College.

    Students who have completed the process of activating their accommodations will be given a CAAS card with their approved accommodations listed on the card. A sticker will be placed on the card each semester signifying that the student’s accommodations have been activated for that particular semester. Students who don’t have a current dated sticker should be sent to the CAAS office before providing accommodations in the classroom.

    Faculty will see a check in the CASS column on their class roster next to the name of students who have approved accommodations at the CAAS.

    To communicate their need for accommodations in the classroom, students are instructed to show their CAAS card to each of their teachers. Students may exercise their right of not using their accommodations if they don’t want or need the services, however, accommodations will only be provided from the date the student presents their card to their teacher and forward in time. If the class roster shows a particular student has accommodations and they have not shown the faculty their CAAS card, it is suggested that the faculty speak with the student confidentially and ask them if they want to use services.

    Students needing to take their exams and quizzes at the CAAS must schedule an appointment at the CAAS to secure a space for themselves. Students who arrive without an appointment will be allowed to take their exam or quiz if and when a space is available.

    Faculty may hand deliver exams and quizzes or send them by email to caas@triton.edu. All exams and quizzes must be accompanied by a CAAS testing form to assure the exam or quiz is proctored properly.

    The goal of the CAAS is to support student success by supporting our faculty who are providing accommodations in the classroom. I encourage you to contact the CAAS with any concerns or questions you may have and the CAAS staff will be happy to assist you.

     CAAS Testing Form  CAAS Testing Form