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    CNA Skills Review

    Providing high-quality, patient-centered care requires CNAs to be highly competent in all twenty-one performance skills defined by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).Training may consist of all or a select number of the following performance skills:

    IDPH Performance Skills
        1. Wash Hands
        2. Perform Oral Hygiene
        3. Shave a Resident
        4. Perform Nail Care
        5. Perform Perineal Care
        6. Give Partial Bath
        7. Give a Shower or Tub Bath
        8. Make Occupied Bed
        9. Dress a Resident
      10. Transfer a Resident to Wheelchair Using Transfer Belt
      11. Transfer Using Mechanical Lift
      12. Ambulate with Transfer Belt
      13. Feed a Resident
      14. Calculate Intake and Output
      15. Place Resident in a Side-Lying Position
      16. Perform Passive Range of Motion
      17. Apply and Remove Personal Protective Equipment
      18. Measure and Record Temperature, Pulse and Respiration
      19. Measure and Record Blood Pressure
      20. Measure and Record Weight
      21. Measure and Record Height

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