College Council Goals for FY 13

    College Council Goals for 2013
    At its Planning Meeting/Retreat of July 16, 2012, College Council set its goals for 2013 as follows:

    1. Actively participate in the institutional planning and accredidation process  
      • Patricipate in the HLC updates.
      • Plan and monitor the progression of the transition from Master Plan to Strategic Plan . 
    2. Develop a Campus Community Engagement Plan.
      • Engage the college community in an effort to have them more actively participate in council affairs.
      • Implement strategies to encourage participation amongst our diverse population.
    3. Review our Communication Plan.
      • Communicate the specific functions of the College Council and how those functions are achieved.
      • Establish a communication plan, based on the survey responses, for each employee group.
      • As an agent for "Change Management" reach out to the various leadership academies, committees, and organizations to become a positive force during this period of significant change at the College.
      • Provide information to the College body through:
        • Monthly Newsletter to all employee groups
        • Investigate the possibility of video streaming the College Council meetings on the intranet
        • With the assistance from members of the Functional Committees, provide face time (one face to face meeting per year) with departments, committees, students, organizations, etc.