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    Membership Program

    The Cernan Earth and Space Center has a membership program, known as the Friends of the Cernan Center. Cernan Center members receive a bimonthly Cernan Newsletter, a monthly Abrams Sky Calendar, a 10 percent discount in the Star Store gift shop, tickets for public programs and admission to members-only events and our annual "Big Event," which welcomes an astronaut or scientist for a special presentation and reception once each year. Since the Cernan Center inaugurated its membership program in early 1985, we have welcomed the following speakers:

    Date of "Big Event" Guest Speaker
    1. Sat., Jan. 12, 1985 Eugene Cernan, Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
    2. Sat., Feb. 15, 1986 James Lovell, Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
    3. Sat., Feb. 21, 1987 Lee Sentell, U.S. Space Camp and Academy
    4. Sat., Feb. 6, 1988 Alan Bean, Apollo & Skylab Astronaut/Space Artist
    5. Fri., Feb. 17, 1989 Edward 'Rocky' Kolb, Astronomer from Fermilab
    6. Sat., Jan. 27, 1990 Byron Lichtenberg, Space Shuttle Astronaut
    7. Sat., Feb. 23, 1991 Eugene Cernan, Gemini and Apollo Astronaut
    8. Sat., Feb. 8, 1992 Janice Voss, Astronaut Candidate
    9. Fri., June 11, 1993 James Kaler, Astronomer/Author
    10. Fri., April 15, 1994 Richard Berry, Astronomer/Former Chief Editor of Astronomy
    11. Sun., April 2, 1995 Bruce McCandless, Space Shuttle Astronaut
    12. Fri., March 22, 1996 David Levy, Astronomer/Comet Expert
    13. Sat., March 1, 1997 Alan Hale, Comet Expert (Co-Discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp)
    14. Sat., April 18, 1998 Edward 'Rocky' Kolb, Astronomer from Fermilab
    15. Sat., March 13, 1999 Paul Sereno, Dinosaur Expert
    16. Sat., April 1, 2000 Fred Espenak, Solar Eclipse Expert
    17. Sat., March 3, 2001 Story Musgrave, Space Shuttle Astronaut
    18. Sat., April 13, 2002 James Oberg, Expert on the Soviet and Russian Space Program
    19. Sat., March 1, 2003 Rob Landis, NASA-JPL (Cassini and Mars Exploration Rover Projects)
    20. Sat., March 27, 2004 Story Musgrave, Space Shuttle Astronaut
    21. Sat., April 9, 2005 Paul Sereno, Dinosaur Expert
    22. Sat., Aug. 26, 2006 Paul Sirvatka, Severe Weather Expert/Storm Chaser
    23. Sat., Nov. 3, 2007 Stanley Ambrose, Anthropologist/Archeologist
    24. Fri., Aug. 22, 2008 Story Musgrave, Space Shuttle Astronaut
    25. Sat., Aug. 22, 2009 Galileo Galilei, 17th century Italian scientist, as portrayed by Mark Thompson.
    26. Sat., Aug. 14, 2010 Dr. Margaret A. Weitekamp, Author, Space Historian.
    27. Sat., Sep. 17, 2011 Dr. Paul Sipiera, Antarctic Meteorite researcher.
    28. Sat., Sep. 8, 2012 Brother Guy Consolmagno, Astronomer and planetary scientist at the Vatican Observatory.
    29. Sat., Sep. 28, 2013 Paul Sirvatka, Severe Weather Expert/Storm Chaser
    30. Sat., Oct. 11, 2014 Scott Williams, Dinosaur Expert
    31. Sat., Sep. 12, 2015 Dr. Dan Hooper, Revealing The Nature of Dark Matter


    In addition to admittance to the annual "Big Event," Cernan Center members also receive a quantity of complimentary tickets that can be used to attend any public Earth and sky show, children's show, laser light show or Monthly Skywatch during the year of membership. The quantity of tickets that each member receives is dependent on the membership category that is chosen, as follows:

    Membership Category Number of Complimentary Tickets Annual Cost
    Mars 20 $ 40
    Venus 25 $50
    Saturn 40 $75
    Jupiter 60 $100

    Please call the Cernan Center's Membership Coordinator at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3294, during regular business hours to request a copy of our Membership Brochure or to receive more information about the Cernan Center's Friends of the Cernan Center membership program.

    To become a member now, please print out and complete a Membership Application and mail it to the Cernan Earth and Space Center along with your payment.

    Mission of the Cernan Earth and Space Center
    The mission of the Cernan Earth and Space Center is to educate the public by interpreting the broad areas of astronomy, space science and Earth science through the preparation, collection and presentation of dome theater programs; to develop public lectures, conferences and special events; to exhibit space science and Earth science materials; and to provide unique forms of entertainment to the public, including laser light shows, wraparound films and special events.

    Source: Triton College Strategic Plan; Approved by the Triton College Board of Trustees, Aug. 17, 1993.

    Support the Cernan Center's Mission
    The Cernan Earth and Space Center is a tax-exempt institution and all contributions are therefore tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Here are some specific examples of how your company can show its support for the Cernan Earth and Space Center and its mission:
       •  Sponsor a Cernan Center Special Event
    Such as a guest speaker. In the past, the Cernan Center has welcomed a variety of notable speakers, including astronauts, astronomers and Earth scientists.
    The Triton College Foundation has established two funds related to the Cernan Earth and Space Center, as follows:
       •  Cernan Earth and Space Center Gift Designation
    Your donation of money and/or equipment will enable the Cernan Center to further its educational goals by purchasing and upgrading theater equipment, developing new dome theater shows and enhancing its Earth and space exhibits.
       •  The Eugene A. Cernan Scholarship
    This annual award is presented to students who already have completed 30 credit hours at Triton College, have attained a minimum 3.0 (out of four) grade-point average and have a science or engineering major. The scholarship recipient is selected by an awards committee appointed by the Triton College Foundation.

    For more information about donating money or equipment to help support the Cernan Center's mission or sponsoring a Cernan Center event, please call the Cernan Center's Director at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3408. For information about the Triton College Foundation, please call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3758.

    Arrange a "Space-Age" Meeting or Event at the Cernan Center
    By combining our planetarium's resources with those of Triton College's Audio Visual, Catering and Hospitality departments, the Cernan Center also can provide your company or organization with a unique location to conduct a meeting, reception or employee appreciation night, complete with a special dome theater presentation, catered dinner and/or reception. Discover how this space-age setting can stimulate thought, liven up a discussion and keep your organization reaching for the stars!

    For information about conducting a meeting at the Cernan Center, please call the Cernan Center's Membership and Special Events Coordinator at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3294.