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    Why Should You Study Mathematics?

    "Mathematics touches upon so many topics and segments of our daily lives. By studying math, you can gain a unique perspective on our ever-changing world and discover that you may already know more about math than you think." Glenn Jablonski

    "Math is used every day in almost every field imaginable. Whenever you measure portions while cooking, balance your checkbook, or figure out how much to tip, you are using math." Shelley Tiwari

    "Math has allowed humanity to advance technologically. Math is all around us. Even if you don't use specific formulas from your math class in your career, learning math will make you a better person because you will be able to think more logically." Christyn Senese

    "Studying math works your brain. Working your brain makes you smarter. Therefore, studying math makes you smarter." Cynthia Harris

    "It is a wonderful life long process to improve your critical thinking skills. Your organizational and logical capabilities will be dramatically enhanced and you may learn a little bit about numbers too." Ellen O'Connell

    "The study of mathematics develops problem solving skills that are needed in every facet of life." Pat Hussey

    "Math is the foundation of science and it enhances critical thinking skills, which are helpful in every sphere of life." Lucyna Galusza

    "Mathematics is in every nook and cranny of our daily lives. Studying math will make you better at teaching, programming, shopping, banking, home accounting, and so much more. Studying math will keep you aware of changes in our universe. Indeed, studying mathematics is the beat of the human heart." Tuan Dean

    "Studying mathematics develops analytical skills and the ability to work in a problem solving environment." Ansamma Antony

    "Even if a person does not use math extensively in a career, math literacy is necessary to be an effective citizen. For example; you need to know the difference between a million and a billion to understand discussions of government budgets and deficits. In your personal life, math literacy can help you evaluate claims of various health care nostrums and avoid being hoodwinked by unscrupulous financial advisors." Roger Affleck

    "Because math is all around us. Using an excel spreadsheet requires math. You need math to do your yearly taxes, shop or balance your checkbook." Jeffrey Zolek

    "It is brain teasing fun." Viola Vajdova