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The Triton College Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering and encouraging lifelong connections between alumni and Triton College through programs and initiatives that serve alumni and engage them in the future success of Triton College. The Alumni Association Council conducts the business of the Alumni Association and supports any and all initiatives set forth by the Alumni Relations Office.

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Alumni Contact Information
If you are interested in updating your current contact information with the Alumni Relations Office or becoming a member of the Triton College Alumni Association, please fill out the Online Contact Form, or email all updated contact information to to become a member of the Triton College Alumni Association.

Alumni Association Council Nomination
Please complete the form to self-nominate or nominate an individual for appointment to the Alumni Association Council. All nominations will be reviewed by a Selection Committee before appointments are made. All nominees must meet the following criteria and be able to meet expectations of a Council member to be considered for appointment.

Alumni Association Council Membership Criteria and Expectations:
Nominee must be an active member of the Alumni Association
Nominee must hold a degree or certificate from Triton College
Nominee shall serve for a term of three years and may be elected for successive terms
Council member must attend at least 50% of Council meetings and Council subcommittee meetings (to be held quarterly) and are expected to attend annual Alumni Association events when available
Council member must participate as a member of 1 Alumni Association subcommittee annually
Council member must abide by the expectations outlined in the Roles and Responsibilities of the Alumni Association Council