Campus Safety

Triton College Police Department
The Triton College Police Department is commissioned with full police powers pursuant to the Illinois Compiled Statutes. The Police Department is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week agency that enforces all state and local laws, and college rules and regulations.
To contact the campus police dial (708) 456-6911 or on any campus phone dial Ext. 3206 or 11.

Emergency Response Guide
The Emergency Response Guide provides general information and recommendations on how to respond to a variety of potential emergencies.

Crisis Management Team
The Crisis Management Team educates students, faculty and staff about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact the Triton College community.

Behavioral Intervention Team
The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) investigates reports of concerning behavior on campus and seeks to identify and recommend appropriate steps.

Student Incident Reporting Form
This form is used to report most non-academic misconduct. 

Online Crisis Training
The online crisis management training is structured to improve your preparedness and response by ensuring you are familiar with campus procedures and your surroundings. 

Crisis Management Video
Watch this eight minute video to learn how to respond to a variety of campus emergencies and crises.

RAVE Guardian
Triton College offers Rave Guardian, a free mobile app that turns your smartphone by giving you direct connections to campus police, family, friends, and others you trust so that you can feel safe anytime while at Triton College. 

Emergency Notification System 
Triton College's notification system will allow you to receive instant notifications by email, phone, and text message in the event of an emergency. 

Emergency Phone Towers
Triton has four emergency phone towers located in and around parking lots. These towers are equipped with emergency phones, blue strobes and Closed Circuit Television. Triton Police monitor parking lot activities via these CCTV cameras. Please take a moment to locate these towers for your safety.

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