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    A Little Fright Music

    Little Fright Music
    Show Type:
     Cosmic Light Show
    Age Level: All Ages

    Brilliant laser light performs to the spooky and silly music of Michael Jackson, Ray Parker Junior, Pink Floyd,Boris Pickett, The Doors, Sheb Wooley and more!

    Monster Mash - Bobby Boris Picket
    Monster Party (Tubular Bells) - Book of Love
    Twilight Zone Theme - Marius Constant
    Time – Pink Floyd
    Riders on the Storm – The Doors
    Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
    Headless - Joe Satriani
    B.B.Q. of the Gods - Presented with Richard Wagner Composition
    Ghost Busters - Ray Parker Junior
    Run Like Hell – Pink Floyd
    Thriller – Michael Jackson
    Addams Family Theme - Vic Mizzy
    Walk Out
    Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield

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