Academic Placement

As a comprehensive community college, Triton College has a fundamental responsibility to provide educational opportunities for community residents able to benefit from college-level instruction.

In accordance with this objective, the institution expects all students to either possess at the time of admission or acquire through appropriate developmental coursework the basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills that are necessary for success in the course or program of study chosen by the student.

Therefore, the institution requires all new students enrolling in credit courses to take institutional placement tests in mathematics, reading, and writing prior to enrolling in their first course at the College. The following exemptions are permitted: prescribed ACT and/or SAT scores within the last two years in English, Reading, and/or Math; approved documentation of college level coursework in English and/or Math with a grade of "C" or better from a regionally accredited institution; or exceptions granted by an appropriate College Dean or designee.

The placement test results are valid for two calendar years. Students are allowed to retake the placement test once each year; they must allow a one-week waiting period before completing the first retest. A retesting fee will be charged for each subject area test. If students are currently enrolled in the discipline, they will only be allowed to retest after completion of the course in which they are enrolled. The highest scores will be used for placement.

Academic course placement may be based on the results of the placement exam, the high school GPA, and a non-cognitive assessment. There is no time limit on the high school GPA. Students scoring in the developmental range on the English placement test must enroll in appropriate college reading and/or writing courses prior to registering for 12 or more academic credit hours.

Upon instructor recommendation, a student may be referred to the Counseling Department for other assessment of academic skills. Based upon a basic skills assessment, the counselor may require the student to withdraw or take appropriate developmental courses.

Students, who do not possess a high school diploma or equivalent, may not receive financial aid until the "ability to benefit" testing requirement is fulfilled. These guidelines are in accordance with the Department of Education’s "ability to benefit" regulations.

Board Policy # 5201; last updated: 10/19/10

Students must submit a high school diploma or its equivalent to the Office of Admission prior to receiving Title IV aid at Triton College. Those students in English Language Acquisition (ELA) (formerly ESL), and High School Completion (HSC) (formerly GED) programs (who are enrolling in credit courses) may only be eligible to receive financial aid if they have taken the Test of Adult Basic Education. (TABE) and score at Level D (or above), Forms 9 and 10 or 10 and 11 examinations.

Board Policy # 5311; last updated: 09/24/91