Applied Science Programs Offered



Degree, BUS.ACC.AAS (C206A)

Certificate — Assistant, BUS.ACC.CERT (C306A)

Certificate — Bookkeeping, BUS.BKK.CERT (C416A)


Degree, ARC.ARC.AAS (C248A)

Certificate — Architectural Technology, ARC.ARC.CERT (C448T)

Certificate — Architectural Design, ARC.STD.CERT (C448X)

Advanced Certificate — Building Information Modeling/BIM, ARC.BMA.CERT (C548M),
(formerly ARC.ABM.CERT (C448M)

Degree — Independent Building Contractor, ARC.IBC.AAS (C235A)

Automotive: General Motors/AC Delco

Degree, AUT.GMC.AAS (C247C)

Automotive Service Department Management

Degree, AUT.SDM.AAS (C247E)

Automotive Technology

Degree, AUT.AUT.AAS (C247D)

Certificate, AUT.AUT.CERT (C347C)

Certificate — Brake and Suspension, AUT.BRK.CERT (C447B)

Certificate — Engine Performance, AUT.EGP.CERT (C447C)

Certificate — Engine Repair, AUT.ENR.CERT (C447D)

Certificate — Transmission Repair, AUT.TRN.CERT (C447E)

Baking and Pastry

(See Hospitality Industry Administration Culinary Arts)

Biotechnology Laboratory Technician

Degree, BIS.BTC.AAS (C226B)

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

(See Architecture)


Degree, BUS.MGT.AAS (C206B)

Certificate, BUS.MGT.CERT (C306B)

Certificate — Entrepreneurship, BUS.ETR.CERT (C406D)

Certificate — Financial Services, BUS.FSV.CERT (C306K)

Business-Office Careers

Certificate — Business Support Specialist, BUS.SUP.CERT (C307D)

Certificate — Medical Administrative Assistant, BUS.MEA.CERT (C407K)

Certificate — Office Assistant, BUS.OFA.CERT (C407D)

Certified Medical Assistant

Certificate, CMA.CMA.CERT (C318A)

Computer Information Systems

Degree, CIS.CIS.AAS (C207A)

Degree — Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, CIS.CYB.AAS (C207S)

Certificate — Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, CIS.CYB.CERT (C407S)

Certificate — Cloud Computing Systems, CIS.CLD.CERT (C407U)

Certificate — Database Systems, CIS.DBS.CERT (C407V)

Certificate — Geographic Information Systems, CIS.GEO.CERT (C407X)

Certificate — Mobile, Web & Data Science Application Development, CIS.MWB.CERT (C407T)

Certificate — Office Applications-Prep for Microsoft Certification, CIS.OAP.CERT (C407O)

Certificate — Systems Administration, CIS.SYA.CERT (C407Y)

Certificate — Web Technologies, CIS.WEB.CERT (C407J)

Advanced Certificate — Windows Programming, CIS.WPA.CERT (C515C)

Degree — Computer Network and Telecommunications Systems Degree, CIS.CNT.AAS (C207F)

Certificate — A+ Microcomputer Technician, CIS.APL.CERT (C407N)

Certificate — Network Management, CIS.NTM.CERT (C407M)

Criminal Justice Administration

Degree, CJA.CJA.AAS (C243A)

Certificate — Corrections, CJA.COR.CERT (C443A)

Certificate — Law Enforcement, CJA.LAE.CERT (C443B)

Certificate — Private Security, CJA.PST.CERT (C443C)

Early Childhood Education

Degree — Credential Transfer Pathway Level IV, EDU.ECE.AAS (C220A)

Certificate — Early Childhood Credential Continuing Pathway Certificate Level III, EDU.ECE.CERT (C320A)

Certificate — Early Childhood Career Pathway Level II, ECE.CDA.CERT (C420C)

Certificate — Infant/Toddler Care, EDU.ITC.CERT (C420B)

Advanced Certificate — Early Childhood Administration & Management, EDU.CCA.CERT (C520A)

Paraprofessional Educator Associate

Degree, EDU.PPR.AAS (C220B)

Certificate — Teacher Aide, EDU.AID.CERT (C320C)

Engineering Technology

Degree, ENT.ENT.AAS (C248V)

Certificate — Design, ENT.DSN.CERT (C348B)

Certificate — Fabrication, ENT.FAB.CERT (C448S)

Degree — Mechatronics, ENT.MEC.AAS (C249V)

Certificate — Mechatronics, ENT.MEC.CERT (C448V, formerly C548F)

Advanced Certificate — CAD, ENT.CAD.CERT (C548E)

Environmental Science

Degree, SCI.EVN.AAS (C226A)

Eye Care Assistant

Certificate, OPH.EYE.CERT (C451A)

Facilities Engineering Technology

Degree, CE.FET.AAS (C280A)

Certificate, CE.FET.CERT (C380A)

Certificate — Critical Systems Maintenance, CE.CSM.CERT (C381A)

Certificate — Healthcare Facilities Maintenance, CE.HTH.CERT (C382A)

Certificate — Hospitality Facilities Maintenance, CE.HOS.CERT (C384A)

Certificate — Mobile Maintenance, CE.MOM.CERT (C383A)

Fire Science

Degree, FIR.FIR.AAS (C243B)

Certificate, FIR.FIR.CERT (C343A)

Emergency Management

Degree, EMP.EMP.AAS (C244A)

Certificate, EMP.EMP.CERT (C344A)

Certificate — Public Safety Dispatcher, EMS.DIS.CERT (C444C)

Emergency Medical Technician

Certificate, EMS.EMS.CERT (C444A)

Emergency Medical Responder

Certificate, EMS.EMR.CERT (C444B)


Degree, HRT.HRT.AAS (C201A)

Certificate — Floral Design, HRT.FLR.CERT (C401B)

Certificate — Grounds Maintenance, HRT.GRM.CERT (C401C)

Certificate — Landscape Design, HRT.LND.CERT (C401A)

Degree — Sustainable Agriculture Technology, HRT.SAG.AAS (C201E)

Certificate — Sustainable Food Production, HRT.SFD.CERT (C401E)

Degree — Sustainable Landscape Practices, HRT.SUS.AAS (C201F)

Certificate — Sustainable Landscape Practices, HRT.SUS.CERT (C401D)

Certificate — Sustainable Agroecology Certificate, HRT.AGR.CERT (C401F)

Hospitality Industry Administration Culinary Arts

Degree, HIA.CUL.AAS (C206L)

Certificate — Culinary Training, HIA.CUL.CERT (C420A)

Hospitality Industry Administration Baking and Pastry

Degree, HIA.BKG.AAS (C206M)

Certificate, HIA.BKG.CERT (C306H)

Certificate Beverage Management, HIA.BVM.CERT (C306J)

Certificate Bread Baking, HIA.BRD.CERT (C406N)

Certificate Cake Decoration, HIA.CKD.CERT (C406M)

Hospitality Industry Administration Hotel/Motel Management

Degree, HIA.HMM.AAS (C206H)

Certificate, HIA.HMM.CERT (C406F)

Hospitality Industry Administration Restaurant Management

Degree, HIA.RST.AAS (C206F)

Certificate, HIA.RST.CERT (C306C)

Human Resource Management

Degree, BUS.HRM.AAS (C206J)

Certificate, BUS.HRM.CERT (C306F)

Independent Building Contractor

(see Independent Building Contractor under Architecture)

Personal Trainer

Certificate, HSE.PTR.CERT (C336A)

Advanced Certificate Clinical Exercise Specialist Certification HSE.XSP.CERT (C536A)

Advanced Certificate Group Fitness Certificate, HSE.GPT.CERT (C536C)

Advanced Certificate Sports Conditioning, HSE.SCP.CERT (C536B)

Renewable Energy Technology

Degree, BIS.REN.AAS (C260A)

Surgical Technology

(See Surgical Technology Degree)

Visual Communication—Graphic Design

Degree, VIC.VIC.AAS (C248C)

Certificate, VIC.GRD.CERT (C348C)

Certificate Social Media Design, VIC.DGM.CERT (C448U)

Degree Digital Photography, VIC.DPH.AAS (C249C)

Certificate — Digital Photography, VIC.DPH.CERT (C348O, formerly C448O)

Certificate — Layout and Design, VIC.LDS.CERT (C448W)