Arts & Sciences Transfer Guarantee

Triton College guarantees that courses approved for transfer to another college will be honored either as program requirements, general education requirements or electives. Students must develop their program of study with a counselor to ensure that selected courses are transferable. If they are not, and all provisions of the Credit Transfer Guarantee are followed, the tuition and course fees will be refunded to the student. Effective Summer 1998 for new incoming freshmen, the Illinois Articulation Initiative allows transfer of the General Education Core curriculum between participating Illinois institutions. The Baccalaureate Majors Recommendations build on the transferable General Education Core Curriculum by identifying courses in the major as well as prerequisite courses that students need to transfer with junior standing into the specific major. Triton students are encouraged to complete the associate’s degree prior to transfer. To complete a guarantee, students must meet with a Triton College counselor and select courses based on the intended major and transfer institution. The student, the counselor and the Dean of Student Services will sign the guarantee. If the courses do not transfer as per the terms of the signed Credit Transfer Guarantee, the tuition and course fees will be refunded to the student.