Basic Addiction Counseling Courses (BAC)

BAC 100◊ Survey of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

BAC 101◊ Introduction to Basic Addiction Counseling

BAC 105◊ Introduction to Recreation

BAC 110◊ Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation

BAC 115◊ Principles of Recreation

BAC 120◊ Intake Assessment & Treatment Planning

BAC 200◊ Special Populations & Cultural Considerations in Addictions

BAC 201◊ Treatment Process in Addictions Counseling

BAC 204◊ Pharmacology of Psychoactive Drugs

BAC 205◊ Applied Basic Addiction Counseling I

BAC 210◊ Dynamics & Treatment of the Addicted Family

BAC 215◊ Applied Basic Addiction Counseling II

BAC 220◊ Prevention & Outreach

BAC 296◊ Special Topics in Addictions Counseling