CHM 235◊ Organic Chemistry II

5 credits

Last Update Effective: 8/23/15

A continuation of the systematic study of the chemistry of carbon compounds by functional groups with emphases on nomenclature, structure, synthesis, reactions, reaction mechanisms, and spectroscopic analysis of ethers, thiols, sulfides, conjugated dienes, aromatic compounds, amines, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, and dicarbonyl compounds. An introduction to polymers and biochemistry will also be provided. Laboratory work is centered on the continued development of skills and knowledge of techniques with particular emphasis on multi-step synthesis and the spectroscopic analysis of the products.

Prerequisite: CHM 234◊; MAT 110◊ or higher (minimum grade "C"); placement at RHT 101◊ level

Lecture: 3 hours

Laboratory: 4 hours — IAI: CHM 914

(course fee required)