Criminal Justice Administration Courses (CJA)

CJA 106◊ Self Defense for the Law Enforcement Professional

CJA 107 Stress Management in Law Enforcement (SMILE)

CJA 111◊ Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJA 115◊ Professional Skills: Private Security-Basic & Firearm Training

CJA 116◊ Current Security Problems

CJA 117◊ Introduction to Private Security

CJA 118◊ Security Administration

CJA 121◊ Introduction to Corrections

CJA 125◊ Principles of Probation & Parole

CJA 127◊ Correctional Counseling

CJA 131◊ Correctional Procedures

CJA 140◊ Introduction to Forensic Science

CJA 148◊ Police/Community Relations

CJA 161◊ Administration of Justice

CJA 166◊ Criminal Investigation

CJA 171◊ Patrol Administration

CJA 175 Report Writing for Criminal Justice

CJA 181◊ Juvenile Delinquency & Law

CJA 201◊ Criminology

CJA 205◊ Women in Criminal Justice

CJA 219◊ Criminal Law I

CJA 236◊ Criminal Law II

CJA 241◊ Traffic Enforcement & Administration

CJA 246◊ Laws of Evidence

CJA 257◊ Law Enforcement Administration

CJA 296◊ Special Topics in Criminal Justice

CJA 298◊ Law Enforcement Administration II