Emergency Management Courses (EMP)

EMP 103◊ Intermediate Incident Command System

EMP 111◊ Principles of Emergency Management & Planning

EMP 112◊ Emergency Management Operation

EMP 113◊ Emergency Planning & Special Needs Populations

EMP 121◊ Introduction to Mitigation

EMP 122◊ Mitigation for Emergency Workers

EMP 131◊ Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management and Operations

EMP 132◊ Incident Command System/Emergency Operations Center Interface

EMP 141◊ Basic Public Information Officers (PIO)

EMP 151◊ Resource Management

EMP 161◊ Disaster Response/Recovery Operations & RAPID Assessment

EMP 201◊ Debris Management

EMP 211◊ Basic Skills in Emergency Program Management

EMP 221◊ The Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency Management

EMP 222◊ Developing Volunteer Resources

EMP 223◊ Donations Management

EMP 231◊ An Orientation to Community Disaster Exercises

EMP 232◊ Exercise Design

EMP 233◊ Exercise Program Manager-Management Course

EMP 241◊ Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness

EMP 242◊ Warning Coordination & Maintaining Spotter Groups

EMP 243◊ Hazardous Weather, Flooding & Hurricane Planning