Global Studies

Curriculum SOC.GLB.AA (U224A06)

Globalization has become a powerful force in the life of Americans everywhere, including those in our district. The impacts of globalization are most apparent in the economic aspects of life. The consequences of globalization are equally evident in our social, cultural and political interactions. This curriculum is intended to aide students in managing the issues of globalization in their personal and working lives, and to prepare them for further study in such fields as government, area studies, international business, diplomacy, the travel industry and socio-economic development.

Elements of this curriculum can also be adapted to support specialized programs in career education with a global focus. Global issues are an area of study that transcends traditional divisions in college programs.

Last Update Effective: 8/21/11

Communications: Three courses (nine semester credits)


RHT 101

Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I



RHT 102

Freshman Rhetoric & Composition II



SPE 101

Principles of Effective Speaking


Note: Grade of "C" or better is an IAI requirement for RHT 101◊ and RHT 102◊.

Social & Behavioral Sciences: Three courses (nine semester credits)
Students can choose three courses from the approved Social & Behavioral Science course list approved for this degree. Students may not choose more than two courses from any one discipline.


ANT 103

Cultural Anthropology



GEO 104

Contemporary World Cultures



GEO 105

Economic Geography



GEO 106

Regional Geography of Africa & Asia



HIS 142

World History II



HIS 156

African History



HIS 192

History of Asia and the Pacific II*



PSC 184

Global Politics



SOC 225

Racial & Cultural Minorities


Humanities & Fine Arts: Three courses (nine semester credits)
The following three courses are required:


HUM 104

Humanities Through the Arts



HUM 165

Introduction to Latin American Experience



PHL 105

World Religions


Mathematics: One course (three semester hours)
Students may choose from any of the Mathematics courses.

Physical & Life Sciences: Two courses (eight semester credits)
One physical science course and one life science course taken from the Physical and Life Sciences listing.

Foreign Languages: Three courses in a foreign language sequence (12 semester credits)
The degree requires three semesters of foreign language from one foreign language sequence (e.g., ITL 101◊, ITL 102◊, ITL 103◊, or SPN 101◊, SPN 102◊, SPN 103◊)

Business: Three course (nine semester credits)
Students are required to take the following courses:


BUS 127◊

Principles of Marketing



BUS 141

Introduction to Business



BUS 293◊

Global Business


Electives: (five semester credits)
Students can choose two additional three semester hour courses from the Social & Behavioral Sciences list above, or one Social Science course and any one of the following business courses:


BUS 112

Principles of Finance



BUS 150

Principles of Management



BUS 161

Business Law I


(Select courses that meet the BA requirements of your transfer college.)

General education requirements: AA degree


Global Studies courses or other electives for AA degree


See BUS course descriptions; GEO course descriptions, and HIS course descriptions.

Chairperson: Bill Decker, Ext. 3509