Health, Sport & Exercise Science Courses (PED)

PED 100◊ Foundations of Physical Activity

PED 101◊ Hatha Yoga

PED 102◊ Kundalini Yoga

PED 103◊ Beginning Karate

PED 104◊ Intermediate Karate

PED 105◊ Boot Camp Fitness

PED 106◊ *Total Fitness

PED 107◊ Beginning Swim

PED 108◊ Swimming for Fitness

PED 113◊ Aquacize

PED 115◊ *Deep Water Exercise

PED 116◊ *Group Exercise

PED 117◊ *Walking For Fitness

PED 118◊ *Wrestling

PED 120◊ *Personal Defense Activities

PED 121◊ *Vinyasa Yoga

PED 124◊ Zumba Fitness

PED 125◊ Kickboxing Fitness

PED 127◊ *Softball

PED 128◊ *Soccer

PED 129◊ *Volleyball

PED 130◊ *Basketball

PED 131◊ *Aerobics

PED 132◊ *Aerobics II

PED 134◊ *Aerobic Dance

PED 138◊ *Golf

PED 150◊ Introduction to Physical Education

PED 152◊ Principles of Basketball

PED 153◊ Foundations of Exercise

PED 156◊ Principles of Wrestling

PED 158◊ Principles of Baseball

PED 159◊ Selected Team & Recreation Sports

PED 168◊ Theory and Practice of Weight Training

PED 169◊ Elementary School Games

PED 172◊ Group Fitness Instructor

PED 180◊ Strength Conditioning and Performance

PED 189◊ Water Safety Instructor

PED 194◊ Principles of Coaching

PED 195◊ Introduction to Sport Management

PED 196◊ Sport and Exercise Psychology

PED 197◊ Sociology of Sport

PED 198◊ Lifeguarding

PED 200◊ Introduction to Biomechanics

PED 201◊ Sports Officiating

PED 210◊ Exercise Testing and Prescription

PED 230◊ Techniques in Sport & Exercise Science Practicum

PED 275◊ Facilities Management

PED 296◊ Special Topics in Physical Education

(formerly Physical Education)

Students enrolled in physical education activity courses (courses numbered below PED 150◊) may choose to be graded on either the letter grade (A through F) or the Pass/Fail (P/F) system.

A physical examination may be required before enrollment in a physical education course. In compliance with Title IX regulations, all courses are open to men and women unless otherwise stated.

Two semester hours of academic credit in physical education may be awarded for approved sports participation. Credit will be awarded only once in a particular sport.

All courses marked with an asterisk (*) are multilevel courses: beginning, intermediate and advanced. The beginning and/or intermediate level may be waived with consent of the instructor.