MAT 080 Preparation for General Education Mathematics

5 credits

Last Update Effective: 8/21/16

A non-transferable course that covers topics from intermediate algebra that is needed to be successful in MAT 101◊, MAT 102◊ and MAT 170◊. The topics include numerical reasoning, unit conversions, linear equations/inequalities, models of growth, and data representation. Focus is on algebraic reasoning and graphical analysis using linear and non-linear functions, including an emphasis on modeling, interpretation, and problem solving. The goal of this course is to provide students with opportunities for problem solving. All of the listed topics should provide the necessary foundation for students to engage in mathematical modeling and problem solving.

Prerequisite: MAT 045 or MAT 050 (with a minimum grade "C") or COMPASS pre-algebra score of 55-100 or COMPASS algebra score of 26-45 or an ACT score of 18, within the last two years

Lecture: 5 hours