Message from the President

Welcome to Triton College!

We are delighted for you to join our educational community in pursuit of your goals and a meaningful college experience. Triton is a community college with a comprehensive range of academic programs and student-centered services aimed at providing a strong foundation and an engaging learning environment for academic study.

Our college currently offers 108 programs in the traditional arts & sciences, pre-professional concentrations, and in career-specific areas that are applicable today. Many students come to Triton College to pursue degrees & certificates with future aspirations toward academic majors or professional training in baccalaureate degree programs at 4-year colleges and universities. There are also students interested in programs that will provide job-specific training in skills development and learning for the workplace. Transfer programs as well as career preparation are real opportunities provided for you at Triton.

The college, with expanded program planning and tutoring services, continues to evolve in our focus on effective support for students. In addition to several significant enhancements for the campus, we have completed a major renovation in our Student Center that will better facilitate access to co-curricular programming and utilization of important college resources.

As you transition to college, our commitment is to provide a high quality education for you and the many communities we serve. We stand ready to assist you and wish you the very best!

Mary-Rita Moore
President, Triton College