NUR 185◊ Transition from Licensed Practical Nurse to the Associate Degree Registered Nurse Student

5 credits

Last Update Effective: 1/18/16

Introduces the philosophy and curriculum of the Triton College AD Nursing program and the role and responsibilities of the AD Nursing student. Allows students to enhance development and demonstration of problem solving and critical thinking skills, which are expected of the RN, through application of the nursing process in a clinical setting. Includes demonstration of competency of nursing skills expected of students completing level one of the program. (One 100-level course can be repeated with approval by the Nursing Admission Committee.) (formerly Transition from LPN to the ADN Student)

Prerequisite: LPN license, admission to the AD Nursing program; optional for Advanced Placement students who proficiency test out of semester one and two

Lecture: 3 hours

Laboratory: 3 hours

Clinical Laboratory: 1 hour

(course fee required)