Policy on Compliance with Illinois Freedom of Information Act

The Board of Trustees of Triton College acknowledges that the inspection and dissemination of public records must reflect an appropriate balance between the needs of the board for administrative effectiveness and confidentiality, the protection of the privacy of individuals and the legitimate interests of the public in receiving public information.

The Board of Trustees of Triton College hereby states its intention to comply with the provisions of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Information concerning Triton College, and the records of such entity, will be displayed, and lists of records will be maintained, as required by the act. Public records of the entity will be available for inspection and copying. Compliance with the act will be effected in accordance with this policy and regulations issued to implement this policy.

Inquiries should be directed to Triton College FOIA officer, S. Sullivan, at foia@triton.edu.

Board Policy #4102.1, last updated 8/15/00