Schedule Changes/Withdrawals

Students who officially drop from courses during the schedule adjustment period — first week for a full semester course and first two days of a summer term — will not be assigned a grade for the course(s).

Students who do not officially drop/withdraw from courses in which they are enrolled may be assigned a failing grade ("F") even if they never attend the class. Add/Drop and Withdrawal forms are available from the Welcome Counter, Student Center and at each of the counseling offices.

The "W" grade will be assigned as follows when students officially withdraw from a course:

  • From the beginning of the second week through the 12th week of a full semester course
  • Until 75 percent of the term has elapsed for courses scheduled for less than a full semester.

Students are responsible for official withdrawal from courses. Any informal arrangements they make with the instructor or any other college staff member may result in a failing grade for the course. Withdrawal forms must be submitted to the registration center in the Student Center. Students should consult a current class schedule for specific withdrawal dates for each term.