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Triton College Catalog

General Information

Academic Calendar

Admission and Registration

Financial Aid

Student Services

Academic Information

Degree and Certificate Requirements

Short-Term Professional Training and Continuing Education

Adult Education Programs

Arts and Sciences Programs

Applied Science Programs

Applied Science Programs Offered

Selective Admission Health Programs Offered

Associate in Applied Science Degree Requirements


Accounting Assistant Certificate

Bookkeeping Certificate


Architectural Technology Certificate

Architectural Design Certificate

Building Information Modeling/BIM Advanced Certificate

Independent Building Contractor

Automotive: General Motors/AC Delco

Automotive Service Department Management

Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology Certificate

Automotive Brake and Suspension Certificate

Automotive Engine Performance Certificate

Automotive Engine Repair Certificate

Automotive Transmission Repair

Biotechnology Laboratory Technician

Business Management

Business Management Certificate

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Financial Services Certificate

Business Support Specialist Certificate

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate

Office Assistant Certificate

Certified Medical Assistant

Computer Information Systems

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Degree

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Certificate

Mobile, Web & Data Science Application Development Certificate

Office Applications Certificate–Prep for Microsoft Certification

Web Technologies Certificate

Windows Programming Advanced Certificate

Computer Network and Telecommunications Systems

A+ Microcomputer Technician Certificate

Network Management Certificate

Criminal Justice Administration

Criminal Justice Administration Corrections Certificate

Criminal Justice Administration Law Enforcement Certificate

Criminal Justice Administration Private Security Certificate

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Early Childhood Credential Transfer Pathway Level IV

Early Childhood Credential Continuing Pathway Certificate Level III

Early Childhood Career Pathway Certificate Level II

Infant/Toddler Care Certificate

Early Childhood Administration & Management Advanced Certificate

Paraprofessional Educator Associate

Teacher Aide Certificate

Engineering Technology/Mechanical Design Degree

Engineering Technology/Design Certificate

Engineering Technology/Fabrication Certificate

Engineering Technology/Mechatronics Degree

Engineering Technology/Mechatronics Certificate

Engineering Technology/CAD Advanced Certificate

Environmental Science Degree

Eye Care Assistant Certificate

Facilities Engineering Technology

Facilities Engineering Technology Certificate

Critical Systems Maintenance Certificate

Healthcare Facilities Maintenance Certificate

Hospitality Facilities Maintenance Certificate

Mobile Maintenance Certificate

Fire Science

Fire Science Certificate

Emergency Management Degree

Emergency Management Certificate

Public Safety Dispatcher

Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Responder


Horticulture/Floral Design Certificate

Horticulture/Grounds Maintenance Certificate

Landscape Design Certificate

Sustainable Agriculture Technology

Sustainable Food Production Certificate

Sustainable Landscape Practices Degree

Sustainable Landscape Practices

Sustainable Agroecology Certificate

Hospitality Industry Administration Culinary Arts

Culinary Training Certificate

Hospitality Industry Administration/Baking and Pastry Degree

Baking and Pastry Certificate

Beverage Management Certificate

Bread Baking Certificate

Cake Decoration Certificate

Hospitality Industry Administration Hotel/Motel Management

Hospitality Industry Administration Hotel/Motel Certificate

Hospitality Industry Administration/ Restaurant Management

Hospitality Industry Administration/Restaurant Management Certificate

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Certificate

Nuclear Medicine Technology


Ophthalmic Technician

Personal Trainer Certificate

Clinical Exercise Specialist Advanced Certificate

Group Fitness Instructor Advanced Certificate

Radiologic Technology

Sports Conditioning Advanced Certificate

Surgical Technology

Visual Communication—Graphic Design

Visual Communication—Graphic Design Certificate

Visual Communication—Social Media Design Certificate

Digital Photography

Digital Photography Certificate

Layout and Design Certificate

Selective Admission Health Programs

Course Descriptions

Accounting Courses (ACC)

Allied Health Courses (AHL)

Anthropology Courses (ANT)

Architecture Courses (ARC)

Art Courses (ART)

Astronomy Courses (AST)

Automotive Technology Courses (AUT)

Basic Addiction Counseling Courses (BAC)

Biological Sciences Courses (BIS)

Biotechnology Courses (BOT)

Business Courses (BUS)

Chemistry Courses (CHM)

Chinese Courses (CHN)

Computer Information Systems Courses (CIS)

CIS 100 Introduction to Computer Systems

CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Science

CIS 102 Professional Information Technology and Computer Science

CIS 103 Android Platform Application Development I

CIS 105 A+ PC Hardware & Software

CIS 106 A+ PC Maintenance & Repair

CIS 110 Social Networking and Web 2.0

CIS 111 ASP.NET Web Application Development

CIS 119 Windows

CIS 120 Introduction to Big Data

CIS 121 Introduction to Programming

CIS 125 Discrete Mathematics for Computing

CIS 130 iPhone Operating System (IOS) Application Development I

CIS 140 Microsoft Word I

CIS 142 Microsoft Word II

CIS 144 Microsoft PowerPoint

CIS 150 Computer Systems Applications

CIS 155 Microsoft Excel I

CIS 157 Microsoft Access I

CIS 158 Introduction to the World Wide Web

CIS 161 Microsoft Excel II

CIS 167 Microsoft Access II

CIS 174 LAN Administration: Windows Client

CIS 176 LAN Administration: Windows Server

CIS 177 Introduction to Linux

CIS 178 Administering Web Servers

CIS 179 Linux System Administration

CIS 189 Internet Foundations

CIS 190 Web Site Development

CIS 192 Server-Side Programming

CIS 195 Programming for Engineers

CIS 196 E-Commerce

CIS 200 Android Application Development II

CIS 206 ASP.NET Cloud and Service Development

CIS 210 Data Communications & Networking Fundamentals

CIS 212 Internetworking, Routing and Switching

CIS 214 Scaling and Connecting Networks

CIS 215 Data Science Application Development

CIS 220 Introduction to Network Security

CIS 221 iPhone Operating System (IOS) Application Development II

CIS 222 Administering Network Infrastructure

CIS 224 Managing a Network Environment

CIS 226 Advanced Network Security

CIS 227 Vulnerability Analysis and Ethical Hacking

CIS 228 Administering Directory Services

CIS 229 Information Assurance Ethics, Management and Policy

CIS 231 Information Assurance Risk, Continuity, and Government

CIS 236 Introduction to Wireless LAN Administration

CIS 238 Introduction to Computer Forensics

CIS 240 Advanced Computer Forensics

CIS 250 Visual Basic Programming

CIS 253 Advanced Visual Basic Programming

CIS 255 C++ Programming

CIS 257 Access Programming

CIS 260 Cooperative Work Experience

CIS 261 Cooperative Work Experience

CIS 262 Oracle DBMS Development

CIS 263 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

CIS 264 C# Programming

CIS 265 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

CIS 267 Advanced Access Programming

CIS 268 Mobile and Web Backend Service Development

CIS 269 Capstone Project in Mobile and Web Application Development

CIS 271 Capstone Project in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

CIS 275 Project Management for Small-Business Systems

CIS 276 Operating Systems Introduction

CIS 277 Windows Command Processing

CIS 278 Database Management Systems

CIS 280 Business Systems Analysis and Design

CIS 295 Data Structures with C++

CIS 299 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems

Criminal Justice Administration Courses (CJA)

Certified Medical Assistant Courses (CMA)

College Orientation Course (COL)

Construction Courses (COT)

Counseling & Guidance Courses (CSG)

Cooperative Education Courses (CWE)

Dance Course (DAN)

Public Safety Dispatching Courses (DIS)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Courses (DMS)

Early Childhood Education Courses (ECE)

Economics Courses (ECO)

Education Courses (EDU)

Emergency Management Courses (EMP)

Emergency Medical Services Courses (EMS)

English/Literature & Composition Courses (ENG)

Engineering Technology Courses (ENT)

Environmental Science Course (ENV)

Eye Care Courses (EYE)

Facilities Engineering Technology Courses (FET)

Fire Science Courses (FIR)

Geography Courses (GEO)

Geology Courses (GOL)

Hospitality Industry Administration Courses (HIA)

HIA 100 Culinary Mathematics

HIA 101 Knife Skills

HIA 110 Introduction to Hospitality Industry

HIA 114 Introduction to Confectionery Technology

HIA 115 Food Sanitation & Safety

HIA 117 Beverage Management

HIA 118 Food Service and Sanitation Refresher

HIA 119 Introduction to Sommelier

HIA 120 Dining Room Service

HIA 122 Introduction to Convention Management

HIA 123 Introduction to Travel & Tourism

HIA 124 Laminated Doughs

HIA 127 Cake & Pastry Decoration

HIA 128 Introduction to Baking and Pastry

HIA 129 Chocolate

HIA 130 Culinary Arts Quantity-Food Preparation I

HIA 132 Nutrition

HIA 133 Menu Writing

HIA 134 Artisan Breads

HIA 150 Food Preparation Essentials & Theory

HIA 202 Ethnic Cooking-American

HIA 205 Ethnic Cooking-Chinese

HIA 206 Food and Wine Pairing

HIA 207 Ethnic Cooking-French

HIA 208 Ethnic Cooking-German

HIA 209 Ethnic Cooking-Mediterranean

HIA 210 Hotel & Motel Front Office Operations

HIA 211 Ethnic Cooking-Italian

HIA 212 Ethnic Cooking-Japanese

HIA 213 Ethnic Cooking-Mexican

HIA 214 Ethnic Cooking-New Orleans

HIA 215 Housekeeping for the Hospitality Industry

HIA 216 Ethnic Cooking-Polish

HIA 217 Mixology

HIA 218 Ethnic Cooking-Spanish

HIA 225 Hospitality Supervision

HIA 227 Advanced Cake Decoration

HIA 228 Specialty Baking and Pastry

HIA 250 Hospitality Marketing

HIA 255 Culinary Arts-Garde Manger

HIA 260 Culinary Arts Quantity-Food Preparation II

HIA 274 Retail Bakery Management

HIA 276 Food & Beverage Purchasing/Cost Control

HIA 277 Catering Management

HIA 280 Introduction to Wines & Spirits

HIA 285 Hospitality Industry Law

HIA 290 Dining Room Management

HIA 295 Cooperative Work Experience

HIA 296 Special Topics in the Hospitality Industry

History Courses (HIS)

Horticulture Courses (HRT)

Health Education Courses (HTH)

Humanities Courses (HUM)

Independent Building Contractor Courses (IBC)

Interdisciplinary Study Courses (IDS)

Independent Study Course (IND)

Interior Design Courses (INT)

Italian Courses (ITL)

Mathematics Courses (MAT)

Mass Communication - Multimedia Courses (MCM)

Music Courses (MUS)

Nurse Assistant Courses (NAS)

Nuclear Medicine Technology Courses (NUM)

Nursing Courses (NUR)

Ophthalmic Technician Courses (OPH)

Health, Sport & Exercise Science Courses (PED)

Philosophy and Logic Courses (PHL)

Physical Science Courses (PHS)

Physics Courses (PHY)

Political Science Courses (PSC)

Psychology Courses (PSY)

Radiologic Technology Courses (RAS)

English/Rhetoric & Composition Courses (RHT)

Sustainable Agriculture Technology Courses (SAT)

Sociology Courses (SOC)

Speech/Theatre Courses (SPE)

Spanish Courses (SPN)

Surgical Technology Courses (SRT)

Social Science Course (SSC)

Visual Communication Graphic Design Courses (VIC)



Glossary of Terms