Triton Retraining Assistance Center

The Triton Retraining Assistance Center is a federally funded program which provides comprehensive counseling, retraining and placement assistance to workers who are unemployed due to layoff, plant shutdown and shifting industry needs.

The goal of the program is to return participants to quality jobs in the labor market. This is accomplished through counseling, assessment, retraining, job search assistance and job development. Training programs are offered in occupations where there is stability and growth so the likelihood of future displacement is minimized. The program pays 100 percent of training costs for one approved training program. More than 40 areas of study are offered.

Each participant attends an orientation, a counseling session and a pre-employment skills workshop where resumes are written and job search interviewing skills are developed. Participants are given a Triton College placement test to determine if basic skill remediation is needed before entering a training program. Counselors encourage participants to complete their GED if they lack a high school diploma.

The job search assistance component of the Triton Retraining Assistance Center offers job leads by telephone, computerized job leads mailed to participants’ homes, mailing of participants’ resumes to area employers and job development by program staff.

Unique to this program, participants continue to receive unemployment compensation while in training. Eligibility is determined by a person’s previous work history, termination or lay off from employment and receiving or exhausted unemployment benefits.

For further information, call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3331.