Tuition and Fees











per semester hour

Out-of District*



per semester hour

Out-of State/International Visa Students



per semester hour

In-District Nursing Tuition



per semester hour

Out-of-District Nursing Tuition



per semester hour

* Out-of-district student tuition — Students not residing within the Triton College district must pay out-of-district tuition unless the student qualifies for a CAREER program as outlined in this catalog. The out-of-district rate is calculated by a formula as prescribed by the Illinois Community College Board.

Student Services Fee (nonrefundable)


$7 per credit hour

Auxiliary Fee


$1 per credit hour

Registration Fee


$2 per credit hour

Technology Fee


$6 per credit hour

Online Course Fee


$25 per course

Charged Where Applicable

Graduation fees (non-refundable)


Cap and Gown fee


Course fee

variable (lab fees, supplies, etc.)

Late Registration


Proficiency Examination

$5 per course credit

Academic Transcript


All fees are subject to revision by the Triton College Board of Trustees without prior notice.

Out-of-District Students/Joint Agreements/CAREER Programs

Triton College participates in the Comprehensive Agreement Regarding the Expansion of Educational Resources (CAREER), which allows students interested in completing an Associate of Applied Science or certificate program not offered at their home community college to receive in-district tuition at another participating community college. With prior written approval, out of district students may enroll in an Applied Science program at Triton College that may not be available through their local community college. Students are encouraged to contact their home community college for approval to enroll in a specified program of study. Upon receipt of this approval, Triton College will assess them at the in-district rate.

Students residing in the Triton College District (504) may be eligible to enroll in Applied Science programs at other participating community colleges, provided that the program is not offered at Triton. Students planning to enroll in a selective admissions program must also provide a copy of the approval letter for admission into the desired program. Interested students should complete a joint agreement form in the Triton College Records Office, located in Room B-220 in the Student Center. This form must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of the semester. Authorization is limited to one program per applicant at a time.

Athletic Tuition Waiver Policy

Student-athletes eligible under National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and Conference standards are considered qualified to receive tuition waivers. Any student who participates in intercollegiate athletics will also be eligible to apply for local, state and national scholarships available to all other Triton College students. Non-athletic scholarships awarded to student-athletes are not counted toward the total tuition waiver.

In accordance with NJCAA regulations, waivers are available to any and all sport offerings designated as Division I or Division II. Triton College will offer waivers that cover in-district tuition only, (not fees) and shall not exceed fifteen (15) credit hours per semester. These are one year renewable awards and do not include summer school expenditures.

Each year for the subsequent academic year by May 1st, the college administrator overseeing intercollegiate athletics will determine the following:

  • Identify programs eligible to offer tuition waivers.
  • Determine number of renewable and vacant (available) waivers.
  • Make any recommendations or determinations on new or existing provisions issued by NJCAA or Conference.

Written notice of the terms of the original tuition waiver shall be given to the student-athlete no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the beginning of classes of the academic term in which they participate. This tuition waiver agreement (with the required student signature) shall be in effect for one full academic year. If waivers become vacant, it may be awarded to a different individual for the remainder of that academic year beginning with the next term. Renewal of the tuition waiver must be given in writing as soon as eligibility is determined. Actions regarding prohibited practices or cancellation of a waiver will follow the established regulations of the NJCAA.

Board Policy # 5902; last updated: 12/17/13