Visual Communication Graphic Design Courses (VIC)

VIC 100◊ Graphic Design

VIC 104◊ Computer Art I

VIC 121◊ Introduction to Adobe InDesign

VIC 142◊ Introduction to Illustrator

VIC 160 History of Photography

VIC 161◊ Introduction to Photoshop

VIC 162◊ Digital Photography

VIC 163◊ Digital Studio Photography

VIC 165 Photography Exploration

VIC 172◊ Web Page Design

VIC 190 Introduction to Digital Media and Animation

VIC 202◊ Advanced InDesign and Typography

VIC 204 Digital Mixed Media I

VIC 205 Digital Mixed Media II-Metals

VIC 213◊ Color Management

VIC 242◊ Advanced Illustrator

VIC 261◊ Advanced Photoshop

VIC 263 Advanced Digital Studio Photography

VIC 264◊ Advanced Digital Photography

VIC 265 Photo Production and Lightroom

VIC 270◊ Writing for Multimedia

VIC 272◊ Advanced Web Page Design

VIC 273◊ Flash Animation

VIC 274◊ Advanced Flash Animation

VIC 275 Designing for Social Media

VIC 282◊ Portfolio for Graphic Design

VIC 283 Portfolio for Photography

VIC 285◊ Digital Video

VIC 286◊ Advanced Digital Video

VIC 288◊ Video Editing

VIC 290◊ Cooperative Work Experience

VIC 291◊ Cooperative Work Experience

VIC 296◊ Special Topics in Visual Communication