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    The College Council is an advisory body on college-wide initiatives charged with the following responsibilities: advising the President on institutional matters by providing multiple viewpoints; serving as the Steering Committee for both the HLC Report and for Strategic Planning; monitoring the progress of the Operational Assembly, Academic Senate, and President's Cabinet on the Strategic Plan; providing guidance to the various leadership bodies within the Governance Structure on accreditation matters; facilitating communication on institutional matters across its represented employee groups.

    --July, 2014

    College Council: FY 2015


    Do you have an institutional idea or concern that you would like College Council to explore? Use the College Council Request Form to submit an issue to College Council or the College Council Functional Committees.

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    College Council Membership
    See College Council membership and email information here.
    College Council Request Form
    Use this form to send an issue or concern to College Council and the Functional Committee Chairs.

    College Council Goals for FY 15


    Meeting Schedule:
    Meeting Schedule, FY 15
    Meeting Schedule, FY 14

    Regular monthly meetings are scheduled, although the president may convene the body more frequently, if she deems such actions to be necessary and in the best interest of the college. When you go to the Meeting Schedule page, click on the links at the individual meeting dates to see the agenda or minutes for that meeting.