RHT 086-001 - Meets M/W/F 9-9:50am   Room M123B

RHT 086-003 - Meets 11-11:50am M/F Room F207 and W Room M142E




Due Friday, 1/30/15

--The campus resources and class materials are due. Remember to complete the checklist from your packet
and bring all the corresponding materials to class.
--Reading Process Assignment #1 is due.


Due Monday, 2/2/15

--If you did not complete the Lexile Locator diagnostic test in MyReadingLab last Wednesday in class, finish it,

--Read Making Reading Relevant Chapter One and complete the assignment below (which was distributed in class):

Making Reading Relevant – Chapter One Assignment / Part One

Read Chapter One in your book (pp. 1-22). Read it as you would if you knew you were  being quizzed on it on Monday. Depending on your approach to such an assignment, complete one of the following:

1) If you have a step-by-step process for doing this type of reading, explain it. As you read, pay attention to anything you do to help you figure out what to focus on, and note whatever strategies you use. Consider whether you do anything before, during or after you read to make it easier to remember important information for the quiz. Keep a list of any steps you take throughout the process of reading the chapter. Write this on a sheet to turn in.

2) If you don’t take any steps, be honest about that. In that case, write a brief paragraph explaining your approach or lack of one. Do you realize it might help to do something rather than nothing? If so, why don’t you? Have you tried and not succeeded in the past? Do you not know what you should do? Are you not convinced that it’s worth it? Explain.



Due Wednesday, 1/28/15

--No homework is due. We will be getting started on MyReadingLab (MRL) in class. Bring your MRL access code with you.


If you don't have one yet, you will still be able to register with temporary access during class.




**If you are in my 11am section (003), remember that we will be meeting in M142E on Wednesday