FALL 2015

RHT 086-003 - Meets 11-11:50am   M/F in Room E218 // W in Room E146

RHT 086-004 - Meets 12-12:50pm   M/F in Room F308 // W in Room E146




RHT 086 Homework 11/6/15 – 12/14/15

PLEASE NOTE: Specific Reading Process Assignment directions will be distributed in class on handouts. If you are absent the day a handout is passed out, you should email me to receive an electronic version.

Due Friday, 11/6/15

--Read through “The Lottery” and annotate it. Be prepared for a quiz. Remember, you can go to the following link to hear the story read out loud if that would help you. There is some discussion before the story reading begins. The actual story begins at minute 3:10:



Due Monday, 11/9/15

--Complete Reading Process Assignment #5.


Due Wednesday, 11/11/15  (meet in E-146)

--MRL Reading Textbooks Module.

--Reading Process Assignment #6 – Part One.


Due Friday, 11/13/15 (NO ACTUAL CLASS MEETING ON THE 13TH)

--MRL Lexile readings 12 & 13


Due Monday, 11/16/15

--Reading Process Assignment #6 – Part Two.

--MRL Textbook Chapters 3 and 4 post-tests.


Due Wednesday, 11/18/15  (meet in E-146)

No homework due.


Due Friday, 11/20/15

--Reading Process Assignment #7.

--MRL Critical Thinking Module.

--MRL Inferences Module.


Due Monday, 11/23/15

--MRL Lexile Readings 14 & 15.




Due Monday, 11/30/15

--Reading Process Assignment #8

--MRL Extra credit deadline.


Due Wednesday, 12/2/15  (meet in E-146)

--No homework due.


Due Friday, 12/4/15

--Media discussion questions due.


Due Monday, 12/7/15  (meet at the A-building Testing Center)

--No homework due.


Due Wednesday, 12/9/15  (meet in E-146)

--Reading Process Project due.


Due Friday, 12/11/15

--Study for the final.



Monday, 12/14/15

--Show up at our usual classroom at your assigned conference time to find out your final grade.






Due Wednesday, 11/4/15

--No homework is due.

We meet in E-146.


Due Friday, 10/30/15

--Complete three more Lexile readings for a total of 11 readings (12 dots on he progress graph).

--For Monday, complete the Reading Process #4 Assignment (handout distributed in class on Wednesday).


Due Wednesday, 10/28/15

--No homework is due, but remember you have 3 more Lexile readings due this Friday.

We meet in E-146.


RHT 086 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 10/21/15 - 10/26/15

Due Wednesday, 10/21/15

--Be sure to bring the Summary Checklist with you to class as well as the “My Black Skin Makes My White Coat Vanish” article.

--If you did not complete the MRL Summarizing module (due last Friday), which most of you did not, it’s important for you to complete it for Wednesday. Because it’s so important, you’ll get partial credit for late completion of this module. Even if you did that assignment, you might want to review the Overview one more time.

--We’re in E146.

PLEASE NOTE that the MRL Chapter 3 post-test is NOT due.

Due Friday, 10/23/15

--Complete the rough draft of your “My Black Skin Makes My White Coat Vanish” summary. This must be typed and double spaced. Print two copies of your rough draft to bring to class.

PLEASE NOTE that the MRL Textbook Reading module is NOT due.

Due Monday, 10/26/15

--Using the feedback you received on your summary rough draft as well as your own rewriting notes, rewrite your rough summary into a final draft. Print the final draft, attach it to any rough draft copies and feedback. On the final draft, highlight what changed from the rough draft. If you removed something from the rough draft, put a capital “R” on the final draft in the spot where that wording used to be.

--Complete the Summary Grading Assignment distributed in class.



RHT 086 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 10/14/15 - 10/19/15


Due Wednesday, 10/14/15

 --Complete flashcards for the word parts on p. 17.

 We meet in E-146.


Due Friday, 10/16/15

 --Bring your p. 17 flashcards to re-submit for a grade.

--Study for the midterm you'll be taking on 10/16. 

--MRL Summarizing Module and one more Lexile reading to equal 8 total (9 dots on your progress chart since the first dot represents the diagnostic test).



RHT 086-FALL 2015

Midterm Exam Review Sheet


The lists below remind you of the concepts we’ve discussed so far this semester, which you’ll be tested on. The 75-point test will consist of multiple choice, true/false and fill-in-the-blank questions. There will also be a section that requires you to answer questions about topic, main idea, major details and minor details after reading a short text. Overall, the test covers MRR Chapters One and Two. Be sure to review the Readiness Quizzes, Chapter Summaries and Quick Tips. Also, review the MRL Supporting Details, Note-taking, Combined Patterns of Organization, and Summarizing Modules, especially the Recall activities. The test also includes questions on the p. 17 word parts. Below are additional, detailed suggestions for studying.


To study, make sure you can:

--Identify topics, main ideas, major details, minor details

--Explain various note-taking strategies

--Explain the 3-question method for determining an implied main idea

--Name and explain textbook organizational aids

--Identify various context clue signal words

--Identify various patterns of organization and their transitions


Define these terms:



Word analysis

Context clues

Part of speech






Topic sentence




p. 17 word parts

Due Monday, 10/19/15

--No homework is due.



RHT 086 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 9/23/15 - 10/9/15


Due Wednesday, 9/23/15


--No homework due. The Chapter Two MRL post-test should be completed by the end of class.

--Remember, though, that Reading Process Assignment #2 and the MRL Supporting Points Module will be due Friday if you want to work ahead.



Due Friday, 9/25/15

--Reading Process Assignment #2.

--MRL Supporting Points Module.

--Study your two sets of flashcards and notes on vocabulary strategies for Word Parts Quiz #1, which will be given on Friday.


Due Monday, 9/28/15

--Read “The Hazards of Moviegoing” and complete the outlining activity (handout).

--Complete a set of flashcards for the word parts on p. 15.


Due Wednesday, 9/30/15 / CLASS MEETS IN E146!!

--Complete the Comprehension Strategies handout.


Due Friday, 10/2/15

--MRL Lexile readings 3,4, and 5.

--MRL Note-taking module.


Due Monday, 10/5/15

IGNORE Chapter 6 post-test due date on MRL handout.

--Reading Process Assignment #3.


Due Wednesday, 10/7/15 / Class meets in E-146!!

--Complete a set of flashcards for the word parts on p. 16 in your book.


Due Friday, 10/9/15

--Transition handout.

--MRL Combined Patterns of Organization module.

--MRL Lexile reading # 6 & 7.


RHT 086 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 9/11/15 - 9/23/15


Due Friday, 9/11/15

--If you did not complete the Online Resources Activity (found in your handout packet) in class, complete it by Friday.

--Textbook Activities Chapter One MRL (MyReadingLab) Post-test.

Remember that by 9/18, you are expected to have completed two Lexile readings on MRL.


Due Monday, 9/14/15

--A set of flashcards, fastened, for the word parts on p. 13.


Due Wednesday, 9/16/15

--No homework due.


Remember that by 9/18, you are expected to have completed two Lexile readings on MRL.

PLEASE NOTE: Although on your MRL handout, 9/18 is listed as the due date for the Textbook Chapter Two Post-test, this is incorrect. This post-test is not due until the end of class 9/21.


Due Friday, 9/18/15

--Two Lexile readings on MRL.


Due Monday, 9/21/15

--MRR Chapter Two note-taking assignment (details on separate handout distributed in class).

--A set of flashcards, fastened, for the word parts on p. 14.


Due Wednesday, 9/23/15

--Reading Process Assignment #2 - (details on separate handout distributed in class).


 RHT 086 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 8/24/15 - 9/9/15

Due Wednesday, 8/26/15

--Two completed worksheets from the packet distributed in class on 8/24: Student Information Sheet and "Getting to Know Your Syllabus." This should include reading through the syllabus in its entirety.

--Start buying your materials for class as soon as possible (see syllabus).

Class meets in the same room as on 8/24.

PLEASE NOTE: RHT 086-004 (12-12:50pm) STUDENTS--Because of the scheduling error, your worksheets will be due Friday (8/28) rather than Wednesday!!


Due Friday, 8/28/15

    --No homework.

--RHT 086-004 students only, worksheets are due today (see above for details).


Due Monday, 8/31/15

     --Class materials and the Campus Resources Assignment. Bring all this to class and check off what you have with you on the checklist in the handout packet.

     --The Reading Process Practice assignment distributed in class on 8/28/15.

Due Wednesday, 9/2/15

     --No homework due.

     --CLASS WILL MEET IN E146!!

Due Friday, 9/4/15

     --MRR Chapter One assignment (details on separate handout distributed in class).

     --Complete the MRL Lexile Locator (diagnostic test) if you did not finish it in class on Wednesday.


Due Wednesday, 9/9/15

     --Reading Process Assignment #1 - (details on separate handout distributed in class).

     --CLASS MEETS IN E146!!