FALL 2015

RHT 086-003 - Meets 11-11:50am   M/F in Room E218 // W in Room E146

RHT 086-004 - Meets 12-12:50pm   M/F in Room F308 // W in Room E146



RHT 086 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 8/24/15 - 9/9/15

Due Wednesday, 8/26/15

--Two completed worksheets from the packet distributed in class on 8/24: Student Information Sheet and "Getting to Know Your Syllabus." This should include reading through the syllabus in its entirety.

--Start buying your materials for class as soon as possible (see syllabus).

Class meets in the same room as on 8/24.

PLEASE NOTE: RHT 086-004 (12-12:50pm) STUDENTS--Because of the scheduling error, your worksheets will be due Friday (8/28) rather than Wednesday!!


Due Friday, 8/28/15

    --No homework.

--RHT 086-004 students only, worksheets are due today (see above for details).


Due Monday, 8/31/15

     --Class materials and the Campus Resources Assignment. Bring all this to class and check off what you have with you on the checklist in the handout packet.

     --The Reading Process Practice assignment distributed in class on 8/28/15.

Due Wednesday, 9/2/15

     --No homework due.

     --CLASS WILL MEET IN E146!!

Due Friday, 9/4/15

     --MRR Chapter One assignment (details on separate handout distributed in class).

     --Complete the MRL Lexile Locator (diagnostic test) if you did not finish it in class on Wednesday.


Due Wednesday, 9/9/15

     --Reading Process Assignment #1 - (details on separate handout distributed in class).

     --CLASS MEETS IN E146!!