FALL 2014

RHT 095-001 - Meets M/W/F 9-9:50am Room E320/E146

RHT 095-012 - Meets M/W/F 10-10:50am Room M123B

RHT 095-003 - Meets M/W/F 11-11:50am Room E320/E146

RHT 095-020 - Meets M/W/F 12-12:50pm Room E314/E146




Due Friday, 9/19/14

--Complete the Campus Resources Assignment.
--Read pp. 43-47 in the book. Fill in the blanks on pp. 44/45.

Due Wednesday, 9/17/14

--Type up a topic sentence (JUST ONE SENTENCE FOR EACH - NOT THE ENTIRE PARAGRAPH) for each of your three illustration paragraphs. Remember to use your clustering to construct the main idea which should consist of a narrow topic and a point about the topic. You can also refer back to your book (pp. 39-42) for reminders on good topic sentences. Email these to me by class time Wednesday, and print out a hard copy to bring to class.

--To prepare for the online grammar exercises that will be due by midnight Friday (9/19), watch the following videos, each less than five minutes.

Plural versus possessive   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa3-ibgps-A
Clauses   http://www.teachertube.com/video/independent-and-dependent-clauses-248165

PLEASE NOTE: Sections 001, 003 and 020, we will meet in E-146. Be sure to have your flash drive with you.


Due Monday, 9/15/14

--Complete a 25-circle clustering for each of your Journal One topics. Be sure your topic is narrow: ONE stressful thing in your life or ONE positive influence or ONE proud moment, even if you freewrote about several. The mayor and heritage topics probably don’t have to be narrowed down. Bring all three clusterings to turn in for points. Remember to review the assignment instructions on p. 36 and the sample on p. 37 if you are confused.

--Watch the following video and write down three differences between the video explanation of the writing process and mine on p. 14 in your book.


--Carefully read over page 39 in your book.


Due Friday, 9/12/14

--If you want to be sure you are doing clustering correctly before all three are due on Monday, you can do one of them for me to take a quick look at Friday. This part of the homework is not required for Friday.

--Finish the in-class work if you didn't. If you're having trouble getting into the Student Portal, though, do not spend a lot of time on it. Try a few times, and if it doesn't work, email me to let me know that. If you know your scores, though, because you still have the hard copy score sheet they gave you at the testing center, just email me the scores that were on the sheet.

All sections except 020 (noon class)--Remember to read over my comments on your writing sample, and be prepared to ask me any questions. You will be signing the comment sheet and turning the sample back in on Friday.

This part of the homework is not required for Friday.


Due Wednesday, 9/10/14

--Read over pp. 36/37 in your book about clustering.

--Sections 001, 003 and 020--We will meet in E-146 on Wednesday.

Due Monday, 9/8/14 

--Journal One (p. 34), which will be three FULL SIDES of freewriting, one topic per page. Remember, you won't be freewriting on all five topics on p. 34, just #1 and two other topics from the remaining four listed. Also read over the directions to remind yourself of freewriting "rules." Remeber that if you want to use a topic or two of your own, you need to email me by Friday for my approval.

--Watch the following three videos (links below). After watching them, write four sentences IN YOUR OWN WORDS explaining two things you learned or reviewed about unity in writing and two things you learned or reviewed about coherence in writing. Also include one question someone might have about these topics. Finally, look over pp. 28/29 in your book.

Note that the first link here about coherence is a bit complex. We will discuss these concepts together throughout the semester, but get what you can from it now. This is just an introduction to techniques that will be reviewed in much more detail later on.


These two are the links on unity. They are short and simple.




Due Friday, 9/5/14

--Correct or complete your syllabus worksheet. Write a note on it saying you understand it, and sign it. You will turn in the signed worksheet Friday for points.

Please Note RHT 095-020 (12pm students): We didn't have time to review the syllabus sheet on Wednesday because of the writing sample, so this won't be due for your class until Monday.


Due Wednesday, 9/3/14


--Watch the YouTube video on prewriting by clicking this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j27mMyGWfM

If the link doesn't work, go to Google and type in -- the writing process: prewriting you tube -- and click on the entry in the search results that has several blue ovals (should be the first entry in the list). The video is about ten minutes long. You might need to watch it a couple of times to be sure you understand it. Choose three things you learned from the video and write each as a sentence IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not just copy an exact quote from the speaker. Also write down one question you might have or you can imagine someone having about this topic.

--Complete one side of freewriting about any topic you choose. Remember NOT to worry about spelling, grammar, organization, or staying on topic. Just be sure to fill the whole side and to try NOT to stop writing in order to think! There is a freewriting sample on p. 35 you can review.

--Get your book, materials and current Triton ID.

--For sections 001(9am), 003(11am) and 020(12pm), class will meet in E-146. Go directly to that classroom. For those in section 012(10am), we will meet in M123B on Wednesday.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Due Friday, 8/29/14

--Read your syllabus and complete handout/book pages 5 and 6.

--Complete the Student Information sheet, handout/book pages 3 and 4.


Due Wednesday, 8/27/14

--Buy your book (listed on the syllabus and only available at the Triton Bookstore / price $11.50 + tax),

start purchasing the materials required for class (see the syllabus and handout/book page 7), and

get a current Triton ID (no cost at the Welcome Desk in the B building--bring a photo ID and

your course schedule).

--Class meets in our usual classroom (NOT E146) on Wednesday.