FALL 2016


RHT 095-001  Meets 9-9:50am M/W in Room F302 // F in Room F203

RHT 095-002  Meets 10-10:50am M/W/F in Room F206 



RHT 095 AM HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 8/24/16 – 9/9/16


Due Wednesday, 8/24/16

--Two completed worksheets from the packet distributed in class on 8/22: Student Information Sheet and "Getting to Know Your Syllabus." Both sheets are double-sided. This should include reading through the syllabus in its entirety.

--Start buying your materials for class as soon as possible (see syllabus). Remember to wait until I tell you the correct book is available before purchasing RHT 095 Writer’s Reference (2016).


Due Friday, 8/26/16

    --One COMPLETE side of freewriting on your life in 2026. See p. 38 (last page of your handout packet) for a sample. You will have started this assignment in class on Wednesday.

Section 001 – 9am class – We will meet in F203 on Friday.

Section 002 – 10am class – We will meet in our usual classroom Friday.



Due Monday, 8/29/16

     --Watch the YouTube video on prewriting by clicking on this link:


     --If the link doesn't work for any reason, go to Google and type in "the writing process: prewriting you tube" and click on the entry in the search results that has several blue ovals. This video is about ten minutes long. You might need to watch it a couple of times to be sure you understand it. Choose three things you learned or reviewed in the video and EXPLAIN each in YOUR OWN WORDS. Use complete sentences! Do NOT just write a direct quote from the video. It's best to watch it a few times, turn it off, and reflect on what stood out as the most important ideas for your "notes." If you have any questions about the video or topic, please write those down also.

--Continue to purchase/gather your materials for this class. Your materials along with the Campus Resources Assignment (p. 11) will be due Friday, 9/2.



Due Wednesday, 8/31/16

    --No homework due. It would be a smart move to get some work done on Journal One though (due 9/7).



Due Friday, 9/2/16

    --Class materials and the Campus Resources Assignment. Before class, check off all of the materials YOU HAVE WITH YOU on the p. 11 checklist. Bring all materials as well as your stapled, initialed campus resources sheets to class.


Section 001 – 9am class – We will meet in F203 on Friday.

Section 002 – 10am class – We will meet in our usual classroom Friday.




Due Wednesday, 9/7/16

     --Complete Journal One (p. 37), which consists of three FULL SIDES of freewriting--ONE side for each of the three topics you are using from p. 37. Everyone has to use topic #1 (something that stresses you out) as one of the three topics. Remember to make this about your own experience rather than a general piece of writing about all people. It's about YOU. You can either dive deeply into one idea in your freewrite or explore several. For example, your freewrite can be one whole side just about how stressful it is to be in college, or it can cover your stress at school, home, work--follow your mind wherever it goes. As we discussed in class, other prewriting techniques like listing (good to do before you freewrite) or questioning (jot "who, what, where, when, why, how" in the white space at the top of your page), can help. If you get stuck, a glance at those question words may help you KEEP WRITING. It's best to write as much as possible in one sitting. The longer you freewrite in one stretch, the more likely you'll get past the general, predictable ideas to ones that are more unique to you. Refer back to the reminders on how to do this assignment on p. 37 and the sample on p. 38. 


Due Friday, 9/9/16

     --Complete the clustering for your narrowed stress topic (following the directions on p. 39 and example on p. 40). Be sure to narrow the topic down where appropriate (ex. ONE stressful thing in your life like “my boss” or “going to the dentist”). Then brainstorm supporting points and details for that. It’s fine to duplicate ideas from your freewrite, but don’t look at the freewrite while you do the clustering. If you do, you’ll just be copying, not prewriting. Remember that the clustering must contain at least 25 circles (my assignment requirement). It shouldn't be the exact same clustering anyone writing about the stress of family life, for example, would come up with. Rather than vague words, it needs to get to the point where you have specific examples and details particular to YOU in the outer layer of the clustering. Number the circles on the sheet and include the total number for me to easily see.

Section 001 – 9am class – We will meet in F203 on Friday.

Section 002 – 10am class – We will meet in our usual classroom Friday.