FALL 2015


RHT 095-001  Meets 9-9:50am M/F in Room F306 // W in Room E146

RHT 095-002  Meets 10-10:50am M/F in Room F206 // W in Room E146



RHT 095 Homework 11/6/15 – 12/14/15

PLEASE NOTE: Some specific writing assignment directions will be distributed in class on handouts. If you are absent the day a handout is passed out, you should email me to receive an electronic version.

Due Friday, 11/6/15

--No homework due. Remember, though, if you did not hand in your descriptive paragraph final draft packet, this is the last day to turn it in for a grade.


Due Monday, 11/9/15

--Complete the MWL Writing Skills Recognizing the Essay topic in the Essay Development module.

o   Read the Overview or view the Animation

o   Complete the Recall 1 activity

o   Complete the Apply activity

o   Complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher in 2 tries


--Read pp. 103-119 in your book. Explain five things you learned or reviewed about writing an essay using complete sentences.



Due Wednesday, 11/11/15  (meet in E-146)

--Complete the Key Sentence outline activity in the book. Pay special attention to the plan of the thesis in each.

--Read over your illustration paragraphs and decide which one you’ll rewrite as a five-paragraph essay.  The best choice will be the one you can provide the most support for. If you used a very narrow topic for your original paragraph, and you want to broaden it, you can if you get my okay. For example, if your influence paragraph was focused only on your mother’s influence on your education, but you want to broaden it to include her influence in two other areas of your life (for your two other supporting points), you can do that. Once you decide which one to rewrite, compose a thesis with a plan of development. You can just handwrite it.


Due Friday, 11/13/15 (NO ACTUAL CLASS MEETING ON THE 13TH)

--No homework.





Due Monday, 11/16/15

--Complete three FULL SIDES of freewriting for your essay, one side for each supporting point. Focus on anecdotes and scenarios to support your points (but it’s freewriting, so don’t worry about correctness).

--Typed key sentence outline for the illustration essay.

--Typed rough draft of your illustration essay rough draft (2 full pages). Bring a hard copy to class and EMAIL  it to me by class time.


Due Wednesday, 11/18/15  (meet in E-146)

--Read pp.  137-144 in your book. Complete the questions on p. 138.

----Complete the MWL Writing Skills Argument Essay topic in the Essay Development module.

o   Read the Overview or view the Animation

o   Complete the Recall 1 activity

o   Complete the Apply activity

o   Complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher in 2 tries


Due Friday, 11/20/15

--Illustration Essay final draft packet.

--Review you’re the three MWL Writing Practice essays you wrote as well as the feedback. Decide which of these three you will rewrite into a final draft.  Bring a hard copy of that essay to class.


Due Monday, 11/23/15

--Argument essay prewriting (pp. 145-146).

--MWL Part Two – Four more Writing Skills topics.




Due Monday, 11/30/15

--Bring a hard copy of the rough draft (at least two full sides) of your argument (taking a position) essay.


Due Wednesday, 12/2/15  (meet in E-146)

--No homework due.


Due Friday, 12/4/15

--Argument essay final draft packet.


Monday, 12/7/15 

--No homework due, but BRING A BLUE BOOK AND BE ON TIME. You’ll be completing Part One of your final, the in-class essay.


Wednesday, 12/9/15  (meet in our usual classroom NOT E-146)

--Study for the Final Exam – Part Two.


Friday, 12/11/15

--Writing Portfolio (p. 173). This CANNOT BE TURNED IN LATE!!




Monday, 12/14/15 – Section 001   

Wednesday, 12/16/15 – Section 002

--Show up at our usual classroom at your assigned conference time to find out your final grade.




 Due Wednesday, 11/4/15

--The final draft packet of your descriptive paragraph about the house is due. The checklist (which needs to be included with the final draft packet) is on p. 99. Here are changes to the checklist if you weren't in class: cross out the freewriting (you didn't do any), my comments are written on the rough draft as well as the grading half-sheet, so include BOTH, the rewriting plan was on p. 95, key elements mini-checklist is on the top of p. 97 and sample labeled draft is on the bottom of that page, and the grade sheet is p. 101.  

Be sure to print two copies of the final draft. On ONE of them (the one you'll staple in your packet), highlight changes from the rough draft AND label the key elements listed on the top of p. 97. the other final draft, separate from the packet, is the extra reading copy.

Your packet MUST include a rough draft AND a rewritten final draft. If you don't turn the packet in on time Wednesday, you can still turn it in on Friday, starting one grade lower. After that, the grade will be 0.  

When rewriting, remember to apply the descriptive techniques. Replace vague nouns and verbs with more precise ones. Add sensory details or make them stronger with precise words, adjectives or adverbs. Be sure to use figurative language at least once. Bring the house to life and keep sentences active by using active verbs and combining sentences when appropriate. Also, try and be concise. For example, place adjectives before the nouns they describe.

--We'll meet in E-146. Be sure to have the flash drive with you that contains your illustration paragraph drafts.


Due Friday, 10/30/15

--Complete p. 89 and p. 92 in your book.

--Complete the Rewriting Plan (p. 95) for your descriptive paragraph. Remember this involves doing the labeling as described on the plan and filling in rewriting notes for each part of the plan. Explain what you need to revise or why you don't need to and why. One or two word answers in this part of the plan are not acceptable.




RHT 095 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 10/21/15 - 10/28/15


Due Wednesday, 10/21/15


--Read pp. 77, 82-84 in your book. Fill in the blanks on 82/83.

--We’re in E146.


Due Friday, 10/23/15

--Complete the MWL Writing Skills Describing topic in the Paragraph Development module, which you started in class.

--Complete the activity on p. 85 in your book.


 Due Monday, 10/26/15

--MWL Pronoun Case topic in the Sentence Skills module.

--Complete the Illustration Paragraph Reflection Assignment. Read over your graded paragraphs with comments. Using the comments on both rough and final draft, consider the strengths of your papers and those parts that needed work. Write down two strengths and two areas of improvement. Explain what you will do, what ACTIONS you will take next time to make the improvements. This should be written in complete sentences. I would expect it to be at least six sentences long. Then review your editing errors. Note two errors you made repeatedly. Consider them in order of importance, starting with run-ons and fragments as most, then SV or VT, and WW, MW, PL, PRO as the least. Choose two of the most serious types of errors you made. Explain what the error is, how you will try and find it next time and how you will fix it (for each of the two.


--Complete the Descriptive Clustering as described on the handout distributed in class.


Prewriting CLUSTERING – Description (10 points) 

Directions: The Description Clustering assignment consists of ONE FULL clustering for a paragraph describing a house. This does not have to be a house that actually exists, so using your imagination is fine, even encouraged. Please note that you will ONLY be describing the outside of the front of the house.

You have the choice of five different dominant impressions of the house. You need to choose ONE from the list below:

  • creepy
  • neglected
  • perfectly-maintained
  • cheerful 
  • ostentatious (means over-the-top / showing off wealth)

The dominant impression in descriptive writing is the main point about the topic (the house). All the details of your description should contribute to creating the dominant impression.

For this assignment, the clustering must have at least three supporting point circles but no more than five. I am recommending using ONE of these groups of three as the first layer of circles:

  • front yard / main entrance / building structure
  • sights / sounds / smells
  • colors / lighting / foliage (plants and trees)


You can add one or two more supporting point circles, but five is the limit. The whole clustering must have at least 40 circles total. Once you’re done, number each circle and put the total on the page. 

For the clustering, do NOT use the dominant impression word in your clustering except in the center circle. The sensory and figurative detail you use (see pp. 77 / 82-84) should make obvious which dominant impression you chose.

Each of these supporting point circles should have circles with details connected to it. In general, the farther from the center a circle is, the more detailed the information is in that circle. Each detail, even adjectives, can count as separate circles. See the sample on the reverse side of this sheet. Note that the dominant impression word is BIZARRE, which is NOT one of your options. 




Due Wednesday, 10/28/15

--The typed key sentence outline and rough draft of your descriptive paragraph is due. This must be the one about the house as described on the clustering assignment sheet. Bring a hard copy of the draft and outline. Also bring the flash drive with the rough draft on it.

--Class meets in E-146.



RHT 095 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 10/14/15 - 10/19/15


Due Wednesday, 10/14/15

 --The three final draft packets for your illustration paragraphs are due. Be sure to fill in the final draft packet checklist (p. 68) to match the pieces you actually have in each packet. You CANNOT turn in drafts that are not typed for credit. You also cannot turn in a packet with a rough draft that has not been rewritten into a final draft. You will not receive a grade for such a packet. You need to come to class with the packets ready to turn in.

We are meeting in E-146. Be sure to bring your flash drive.


Due Friday, 10/16/15

--Study for the midterm you'll be taking in class on Friday.

--If you did not turn in any of your final draft packets on Wednesday, you need to turn them in Friday to earn any credit for them.



RHT 095  

Midterm Exam Review Sheet


The lists below remind you of the concepts we’ve discussed so far this semester which you’ll be tested on. The test will consist mostly of multiple choice, true/false and fill-in-the-blanks, identifying good versus bad topic sentences, evaluating and creating key sentence outlines. The numbers in parentheses indicate page numbers from your book that may be useful to review.


To study, make sure you can:

--Identify the prewriting techniques (p. 13)

--name the three major steps of the writing process and know the key purpose and techniques for each (p. 14)

--identify well-written topic sentences   (pp. 39-40)

--identify revising changes to improve unity or support or coherence (p. 15)

--know the correct location (for this class) for a topic sentence (p. 39)

--know the parts of a topic sentence and a supporting point sentence (p. 47)

--know the difference between editing and revising   (p. 14)

--know the purpose of unity, support, coherence (pp. 28/29)


Define these terms:

Topic sentence


Rough draft



Illustration paragraph


Clause, independent and dependent





You need to review the following handouts or exercises:


Page 49 (key sentence outline writing)

Key Sentence Outline evaluation handout

Page 40 (topic sentences)

Caps and plural editing practice sheet

Run-on and fragment editing practice sheet

Subject-verb Agreement editing practice


 Due Monday, 10/19/15

--No homework is due.







RHT 095 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 9/23/15 - 10/9/15

Due Wednesday, 9/23/15

--Using pp. 47 and 49 as a guide, compose a key sentence outline for each of your three illustration paragraph topics. Each of these outlines will be four sentences: the rewritten topic sentence (based on my feedback to the topic sentences you emailed me) and three supporting point sentences. Your clustering can help you come up with the three supporting points. Remember that these must be distinct points (not repetitive), points of equal value (not “First my boss makes my job stressful” and “Secondly, it’s stressful when my boss yells at me for not wearing my nametag.” In this case, the second one is more specific than the first and is an example that should be in part one rather than its own supporting point.), and expressed as grammatically correct sentences. Email these outlines to me no later than noon on Tuesday. These can all be typed and saved as one Word document to be attached to your email. For this assignment, you don’t need to look for my comments before you come to class; you can do that in class on Wednesday.

--Bring the hard copy of your topic sentences with my comments to class. Also be sure to have your flash drive with your outlines on it.

--Complete the Run-on activity on p. 163. Only ONE is correct. Read the directions carefully.

Class meets in E146!!


Due Friday, 9/25/15

--Key Sentence Outline Rewrite Assignment is due. Instructions at the end of this assignment sheet.

--Read p. 11 and complete the questions on p. 12.


Due Monday 9/28/15

--Compose the rough draft for your stress illustration paragraph. Refer to the Illustration Paragraph Assignment handout for detailed directions. The rough draft must be emailed to me as an attached Word document by class time Monday.

--Complete the MWL Fragment topic within the Sentence Skills module in the Writing Skills

Learning Path. To receive full credit (15 points each) for a module you must complete the following:

o   Read the Overview or view the Animation

o   Complete the Recall 1 activity

o   Complete the Apply activity

o   Complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher in 2 tries


--Reread pp. 43-47 in your book about Illustration Paragraph writing. Watch the video (link below) on the same topic. Write down three numbered sentences explaining what you learned (or reviewed) about drafting this type of paragraph. Also, look for two differences in terminology or drafting advice between the video and the book Writing Guide and write a sentence explaining each.



Due Wednesday, 9/30/15

--Complete the exercises on p. 31 and p. 169.

Class meets in E-146!!


Due Friday, 10/2/15

--No homework. The rough draft of your second illustration paragraph should have been emailed to me Wednesday.

Due Monday, 10/5/15

-- The rough draft of your third illustration paragraph is due via email by class time. Bring a hard copy of the draft to class.

--Complete the MWL Subject-Verb Agreement topic within the Sentence Skills module in the Writing Skills

Learning Path. To receive full credit (15 points each) for a module you must complete the following:

o   Read the Overview or view the Animation

o   Complete the Recall 1 activity

o   Complete the Apply activity

o   Complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher in 2 tries


Due Wednesday, 10/7/15

--Complete the Rewriting Plan for illustration rough draft #3.

Class meets in E-146!!

Due Friday, 10/9/15

--No homework due. Remember, though, that all three Illustration Paragraph Final Draft Packets will be due Monday.



Complete the following to rewrite your key sentence outlines. Read over these directions before you begin. That way, if you have questions, you can ask in class today. The completed assignment is due Friday, 9/25/15.

1)    Pull up the email with my comments on your outlines and print it.

2)    Read over all of my emailed comments on the rough version of your outlines. This is often easier to do on the screen because if there are margin comments, you can click on them and more easily see what they refer back to.

3)    Be prepared to ask me any questions if there is time in class. If not, email your questions to me. You are expected to understand and follow my suggestions. If you don’t agree with one of my suggestions, you need to discuss it with me before you ignore it. If you can argue for why you don’t need to make the change, that’s okay, but you can’t just decide on your own.

4)    Pull up either the rough version with my comments OR your original outlines on the computer. Some students like to rewrite the commented-on version. That way, you might be more certain not to miss a correction. However, you have to be sure to delete my comments. The other choice is to work with your original outline document and have the printed copy with my comments on the side. You’ll refer to that printout to see what changes you need to make. As you make an edit or revision, check it off with a pen to make sure you don’t miss any.

5)    Save your rewritten outlines WITH A DIFFERENT FILE NAME.

6)    Print out the rewritten version.

7)    Highlight ON THE REWRITTEN VERSION any changes you made from the original and label the parts of the key sentences as on p. 47.

8)    Staple the original version with my comments to the rewritten, highlighted, labeled outlines.


 RHT 095 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS - due 9/11/15 - 9/23/15

Due Friday, 9/11/15

--If you did not complete the Online Resources Activity in class, do that.

--Read pages 153-156 and complete the Subject-Verb activity on p. 157.

Remember that the MWL Sentence Structure module is due Monday, 9/14.


Due Monday, 9/14/15

--Complete the MWL Sentence Structure topic within the Sentence Skills module in the Writing Skills

Learning Path. To receive full credit (15 points each) for a module you must complete the following:

o   Read the Overview or view the Animation

o   Complete the Recall 1 activity

o   Complete the Apply activity with a score of 60% or higher in two tries

o   Complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher in 2 tries


 --Watch the following video and write down three differences between the video explanation of the writing process and mine on p. 14 in your book. To explain a difference, you must include BOTH sides of the contrast. You can't just say "On page 14, it says XXXXX about prewriting." That doesn't explain the difference. Instead, you need to say "On page 14, it says XXXXX about prewriting, whereas in the video, it states XXXXXX."      


Remember that the three illustration clusterings are due Wednesday.


Due Wednesday, 9/16/15

--Complete the clusterings for your narrowed journal topics (following the directions on p. 36 and example on p. 37). Be sure to narrow the topic down where appropriate (ex. ONE stressful thing in your life or ONE positive influence). Then brainstorm supporting points and details for that. It’s fine to duplicate ideas from your freewrite, but don’t look at the freewrite while you do the clustering. If you do, you’ll just be copying, not prewriting. Remember that the clustering must contain at least 25 circles (my assignment requirement). It shouldn't be the exact same clustering anyone writing about the stress of family life, for example, would come up with. Rather than vague words, it needs to get to the point where you have specific examples and details particular to YOU in the outer layer of the clustering. Number the circles on the sheet and include the total number for me to easily see.

--Class meets in E146.


Due Friday, 9/18/15

--For each of your three illustration topics, type up a topic sentence (can be on the same page) and email them to me preferably by the end of class—definitely no later than midnight tonight. I will review these and send my comments back to you via email. See detailed assignment below.

--Read over p. 39 in your book about topic sentences. Also watch the following topic sentence video. Feel free to take notes, although that is not required for the assignment. There will be a short quiz on topic sentences on Friday.  Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtPiZ8_CsD8 

Due Monday, 9/21/15

--Write a key sentence outline (see p. 47) for your stressful thing illustration paragraph and email it to me by noon Saturday. Look at pp. 47 and 49 for examples. Remember that this will just be four sentences: your topic sentence (rewritten if I made suggestions in my comments) and three supporting point sentences.  

Check your email by Sunday night for my comments on your outline, print it out with my comments (you may need to download and view in “print layout” to see the comments) and bring it to class.

--Complete the practice key sentence outlines on p. 49.

--In MWL, complete the Run-on topic in the Sentence Skills module in the Writing Skills Learning Path.


Due Wednesday, 9/23/15

--Using my comments on your stress outline, compose a key sentence outline for each of your other two illustration paragraph topics. Email these two outlines to me no later than noon on Tuesday. You can look for my comments before you come to class, but you don’t need to print them out. You can do that in class on Wednesday.

Class meets in E146!!

--Complete the Run-on activity on p. 163. Only ONE is correct. Read the directions carefully.


Illustration Paragraph Topic Sentences Assignment (to be used Wednesday in class)

--You are now shifting into the writing (or drafting) step of the larger writing process. For this Illustration Paragraph assignment (p. 33), you will be writing three separate illustration paragraphs on three separate topics. You'll use the ideas you've generated through your freewriting and clustering (prewriting step). The first decision to make is to decide what your main idea will be. Remember it has two parts: a narrow topic and a point about the topic. The first decision will be how narrow to make your topic. The narrower, the better since you are only writing paragraphs. However, don't make it so narrow that it's a fact that can't be argued.

For each of your three topics, type up a topic sentence (can be on the same page) and email them to me preferably by the end of class—definitely no later than midnight tonight. I will review these and send my comments back to you via email. 

Please note: For most of these topic sentences, you only have to come up with the narrow topic. The journal assignment provided the point.

EX. 1) ________________ stresses me out. I've already assigned the "point" of "stresses me out." 

EX. 2) My _________________ heritage plays a major role in my daily life.

EX. 3) ______________________ is a positive influence in my life. In this case, you could narrow the point by making the paragraph about someone who has a positive influence on one area of your life. EX. My sister has had a positive influence on my educational life.

EX. 4) _____________________ was a proud moment in my life. OR ______________________ is a an achievement I'm proud of.

EX. 5) If I were mayor of _______________________, I would make several improvements. It would be more effective to narrow this down to improvements in one aspect of city life. EX. If I were mayor of ____________________, I would improve the public transportation system.





Homework due 8/24/15 - 9/9/15


Due Wednesday, 8/26/15


    --Two completed worksheets from the packet distributed in class on 8/24: Student Information Sheet and "Getting to Know Your Syllabus." This should include reading through the syllabus in its entirety.


     --Start buying your materials for class as soon as possible (see syllabus).


    Class meets in the same room as on 8/24.


Due Friday, 8/28/15


    --One COMPLETE side of freewriting. See p. 35 for a sample. You will have started this assignment in class on Wednesday.


Due Monday, 8/31/15


     --Watch the YouTube video on prewriting by clicking on this link:




     --If the link doesn't work for any reason, go to Google and type in "the writing process: prewriting you tube" and click on the entry in the search results that has several blue ovals. This video is about ten minutes long. You might need to watch it a couple of times to be sure you understand it. Choose three things you learned or reviewed in the video and EXPLAIN each in YOUR OWN WORDS. Do NOT just write a direct quote from the video. It's best to watch it a few times, turn it off, and reflect on what stood out as the most important ideas for your "notes."


If you have any questions about the video or topic, please write those down also.


Due Wednesday, 9/2/15


    --Class materials and the Campus Resources Assignment. Bring all all this to class and check off what you have with you on the checklist in the handout packet.


     --CLASS WILL MEET IN E146!!


Due Friday, 9/4/15


     --Read pages 13-19 and 28-30 in your book. Complete a "5 Things Learned" assignment (see book p. 9 for detailed directions for this type of assignment).


     --If you did not complete MyWritingLab registration and diagnostic test in class on Wednesday, finish that for homework.




Due Wednesday, 9/9/15


     --Complete Journal One (p. 34), which consists of three FULL SIDES of freewriting--ONE side for each of the three topics you are using from p. 34. Everyone has to use topic #1 (something that stresses you out) as one of the three topics. Remember to make this about your own experience rather than a general piece of writing about all people. It's about YOU. You can either dive deeply into one idea in your freewrite or explore several. For example, your freewrite can be one whole side just about how stressful it is to be in college, or it can cover your stress at school, home, work--follow your mind wherever it goes. As we discussed in class, other prewriting techniques like listing (good to do before you freewrite) or questioning (jot "who, what, where, when, why, how" in the white space at the top of your page. If you get stuck, a glance at those question words may help you KEEP WRITING. It's best to write as much as possible in one sitting. The longer you freewrite in one stretch, the more likely you'll get past the general, predictable ideas to ones that are more unique to you. Refer back to the reminders on how to do this assignment on p. 34 and the sample on p. 35. 


     --CLASS MEETS IN E146!!