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Three public and three private institutions have partnered with Triton College to offer students an opportunity to earn their bachelor's or graduate degree without leaving Triton's campus.

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Students apply to and graduate from the individual institution offering the selected programs from a range of academic disciplines. All University Center partner schools are fully accredited and maintain the same academic standards as other courses and programs offered through their home site.

Each institution has committed to having an on-campus representative at Triton College to assist students with their academic pursuits. Students follow the admission process and deadlines of their selected institution. Prospective students are encouraged to speak with the on-campus representatives provided by each institution.

Degrees Offered:
Behavioral Science, Business Administration, Communications, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Fire Service Management, General Studies, Health Administration, Human Services, Industrial Technology, Legal Studies, Management, Management Information Systems, Management & Organizational Behavior, Nursing, Public Administration, Public Health, Social Work, and Special Education.

For more information visit the University Center on Triton's campus in Room B-205 in the "B" Building.

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