FALL 2015

RHT 095-019 - Meets M 7-9:45pm Room E146



 Due 8/31/15

 --Buy your book (listed on the syllabus and only available at the Triton Bookstore / price $17), purchase the materials required for class (see the syllabus and handout/book page 8), and get a current Triton ID (no cost at the Welcome Desk in the B building--bring two forms of ID and your course schedule). 

 --Read your syllabus and complete the syllabus worksheet in your handout (p. 5), NOT in the book. 

--Complete the Campus Resources Assignment (handout p. 7).

--Complete the Student Information sheet (handout pages 3 and 4).

--Watch the YouTube video on prewriting by clicking this link:

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j27mMyGWfM . 

 If the link doesn't work, go to Google and type in -- the writing process: prewriting you tube. The video is about ten minutes long. You might need to watch it a couple of times to be sure you understand it. Choose three things you learned from the video and write each as a sentence IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not just copy an exact quote from the speaker. If you have any questions, jot those down too.

 --Complete Journal One (p. 34), which consists of three sides of freewriting TOTAL—one side for each topic you use from p. 34. Remember to look at the sample on p. 35. This is NOT an organized piece of writing. Just keep writing ideas as they come to you and don’t worry about spelling, grammar or organization. Try not to reread, cross out or erase.