RHT 095-005 Homework Assignments



RHT 095-005– Homework


 Due Monday, 5/8/17 

 --To prepare to write your timed essay—FINAL PART ONE—during class, review your graded in-class essay, p. 149/150 sample essay and pp. 155-160 and 162/163. You will NOT be able to use these during the test, but reviewing them in advance should be helpful. BRING A BLUE BOOK AND GET TO CLASS ON TIME!

 --Study the topics in the review sheet (included below) to prepare for FINAL PART TWO. 

 --Turn in your portfolio (see instructions on p. 221 of your book). NO LATE PORTFOLIOS ACCEPTED.  Read over the directions carefully and email me if you have any questions.    



Final Exam Review Sheet – RHT 095

The lists below remind you of the concepts we’ve discussed so far this semester which you’ll be tested on. The test will consist mostly of multiple choice and true/false questions. There will be some questions that require you to make grammatical corrections to examples as well. The numbers in parentheses indicate page numbers from your book that may be useful to review.

To study, make sure you can…

--name the three major steps of the writing process and know the key purpose and techniques for each  -- (19)

--identify well-written topic sentences  -- (43-48)

--provide examples of transitions for each ordering system (look under “coherence” in the writing guides)  -- (34)

--identify revising changes to improve unity or support or coherence  -- (20/21)

--correct run-ons in several ways – (189)

--identify subjects and verbs in sentences  -- (181)

--find and correct fragments   -- (195)

--rewrite a sentence to make it concise – (99)

--know how to write an effective argument   -- (155-160) / (162/163)

--know the correct location for a thesis and a topic sentence  -- (114)

--know the parts of a thesis   -- (120/124)

--know descriptive techniques  -- (89)

--know the parts of a topic sentence and a supporting point sentence

--know the difference between editing and revising  -- (19-21)

--know the parts of an essay – (113/114)

--identify active verbs in a passage  -- (101/102)


Define and recognize the following:

Topic sentence                        Paragraph

Essay                                       Rough draft

Freewriting                              Vague

Illustration paragraph             Sentence

Clause, independent and dependent

Run-On                                     Fragment

Unity                                        Support

Coherence                                Concise language

Active verbs                            Anecdote

Scenario                                  Clustering

Counterargument                     Adverb/adjective


RHT 095-005

Due Monday, 5/1/17

--Complete the Illustration Essay Final Draft Packet. Use the Rewriting checklist on p. 143 to mark up your ROUGH draft. Then fill in the bottom of p. 144 using the questions at the top of the page as a guide. Use complete sentences to explain what you already did well ON YOUR ROUGH DRAFT in terms of unity, support, coherence and editing (sentence clarity), AND what you need to work on to improve those areas. Then once you receive the Pearson comments back, use those and your rewriting plan (as well as any comments I made during class on 4/24) to REWRITE the rough draft in to final draft. Print two copies of the final draft. Use the checklist on p. 146 to put your packet together. ON THE FINAL DRAFT IN THE PACKET, be sure to highlight anything that changed from the rough draft. Put an R is any space where something was removed. The other final draft copy does not have to be highlighted or stapled into the packet.


--Read the handout “Teenagers and Jobs” and answer the questions on the back of the sheet.


--Be sure to read (or review) pp. 155-160. Using the information about writing a thesis for an argument essay, write a thesis statement for the three essay topics on the “Final Assessment Prompt” handout distributed in class on 4/24. If you were in class for the practice argument essay earlier in the semester, you already wrote a thesis for one of these topics. If that was well-written, use that one. If not, revise that one. These can just be handwritten, but you should label the parts. Bring the practice argument essay you previously wrote (with my half-sheet of comments) to class next week.



Due Monday, 4/24/17

--Complete the activity on p. 136 in your book. You can skip the part where it says you need to write an anecdote or scenario. Instead, just mark where it would make sense to include one in each paragraph.

--Read the sample essay on pp. 137/138 and annotate it as “the Nightmare Boss” was annotated on the handout.

 --Complete the rough draft of your Illustration Essay (rewrite of one of your illustration paragraphs—see p. 127 and #6 on p. 129). For review, you might look at the introduction handout from class, the anecdote examples on p. 135 and the sample annotated essay “The Nightmare Boss” (handout) from last week. Remember to use ideas from your freewrites and to use your key sentence outline to structure this. Next week, you need to have this draft in digital form on your flash drive. You will be submitting them to Pearson Tutor for comments. We will do this together in class next week. If you are done with the draft before next Monday and want to send it to me for comments, feel free. However, that is not required for this assignment.

--By MIDNIGHT, complete the 3 additional MWL grammar topics you have chosen based on your needs. See p. 32 for details.To receive full credit (15 points each) for a module you must complete the following:  

  o   Read the Overview or view the Animation   

  o   Complete the Recall 1 activity  

  o   Complete the Apply activity   

  o   Complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher in 2 tries.


RHT 095-005


Due Monday, 4/17/17

--Decide which graded illustration paragraph you’ll be rewriting into an essay. Bring all three graded illustration paragraph packets with you next week. It might help to look at #1 on p. 127.

 --Complete your typed key sentence outline for the Illustration Essay (rewrite).  If it was well-written, use the outline from your illustration paragraph and just add the plan of development to the thesis. If the supporting points in your paragraph were too narrow to develop enough support for an essay, then broaden your overall topic or main point and use your original paragraph as ONE supporting paragraph for your rewrite. Then you’ll have to come up with two more supporting points for the essay.

 --Complete three full sides of freewriting, one side for each supporting point. Remember this is FREEWRITING, not a rough draft. DO NOT WORRY about correctness; just keep writing. Don’t think too hard, but try to generate stories you can use as examples in your essay. 

--Read p. 113, 120-124 and p. 131. Complete a Five Things Learned assignment (directions p. 13) about what you learned about writing an illustration essay.

  --By MIDNIGHT, complete the MWL Pronoun Reference (W2.7) topic within the Sentence Skills module in the Writing Skills  Learning Path. To receive full credit (15 points each) for a module you must complete the following:   

  o   Read the Overview or view the Animation   

  o   Complete the Recall 1 activity  

  o   Complete the Apply activity   

  o   Complete the Post-test with a score of 70% or higher in 2 tries.