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Real-life student success stories

Triton College heralds our students’ achievements in their education and career, as many of our students have had to overcome sacrifices, obstacles and adversity in pursuit of their dreams.

Read some of the success stories of our students who’ve shown a commitment to their education and are forging their own path of success!


Shanika Meeks Shanika Meeks   Zee Bhimani 
  Zee Bhimani
keKe KeKe Kirksey   Alesha Young   Alesha Young
Linda Rivera Linda Rivera   Glenn Brooks   Glenn Brooks
Jose Torres Jose Torres   Amanda Schultz   Amanda Schultz
Robert Garcia Robert Garcia   Cristian Barrero   Cristian Barrero
Mary Ann Lespinasse Mary Ann Lespinasse   Melissa Mayerhofer   Melissa Mayerhofer