Graduation Banner: 2018

Commencement Do's and Don'ts

The following list is a quick instruction guide to help create a pleasant and memorable experience for you on commencement day. Please review the directions and share the information with family and friends that will be attending the ceremony.

   • Arrive at the Rosemont Theatre by 1:45 p.m. Doors close promptly at 2:45 p.m.
   • Carpool with family and friends.
   • Give commencement tickets to guests prior to arriving at the theatre.
   • Inform your guests that seats may not be saved or held for late comers. All theatre seating is on a first come, first serve basis.
   • Leave your belongings with family or friends during the ceremony.
   • Upon entering the main entrance of the theatre, follow the signs to the second floor for graduate check in and instructions.
   • Practice writing your name phonetically. Example: Raul Santiago would be written as Rah-ool San-tee-ah-go.

IMPORTANT: Only official caps and gowns purchased through Follett Bookstore are allowed to be worn at the ceremony unless approved by the Follett staff prior to commencement.

   • Do not bring purses, backpacks, cameras, cell phones or any other personal items with you.
   • No food or drinks are allowed in the theatre.
   • No noise makers of any kind will be allowed in the theatre.
   • Strollers or car seats are not allowed in the theatre.
   • No balloons are allowed in the theatre.
   • Do not take pictures or interrupt speaker during preliminary lineup instructions.
   • Do not stop or disrupt the processional flow to take pictures or accept flowers. Please inform your guests of this rule.
   • Do not leave empty seats between graduates.
   • Do not exit theatre until instructed to do so by an usher.
   • Do not leave any personal items on theatre seats, you will be changing seats after walking across the stage.

PLEASE NOTE: Extra caps and tassels will be available for $10.00 in the check in area. Honors medallions will NOT be available on or after commencement day.

Accommodative seating is available at the Rosemont Theatre. Please ask theatre personnel for assistance. Seating will be available on a first come, first serve basis.