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    CTE Catalog - Summer 2015

    SMARTteaching is a series of sessions and talks created by the Professional Development Committee of the Academic Senate that provide collaborative sharing as well as techniques that will enhance our students’ learning environment in an effort to increase students’ success. SMARTsessions are collaborative exchanges among faculty as well as knowledge gaining sessions that will have practical take-aways for implementation in the classroom, online, and in course development. SMARTtalks are more formal workshops conducted by outside experts. Intrinsically, participants will be able to share ideas, build relationships, and gain new knowledge that can be applied to their teaching practices. Extrinsically, participants will enter a raffle every time they attend a workshop for a chance to win an iPad at the end of the semester. All full-time and adjunct faculty are invited to participate.

    Teaching Circles are informal gatherings of faculty to discuss a particular topic related to assessment, curriculum or pedagogy that typically occur within the time of one regular class session (50 to 80 minutes). Teaching Circles may take the form of a Brown Bag, in which participants pack their own lunches. All full- and part-time faculty and instructional staff are encouraged to participate in these gatherings by attending or presenting their own ideas in a Teaching Circle or by suggesting a topic.

    Workshops, Seminars and Webinars are formal presentations delivered by full- and part-time faculty and instructional staff, administrators or guest speakers. Webinars are delivered either live online or can be electronically accessed after the event via digital recording. These presentations can occur within 60, 90 or 120 minutes, including time for discussion. The CTE welcomes suggestions about topics or speakers.

    For more information or to suggest an idea for any of these types of events, please call (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3371 or send an e-mail message to cte@triton.edu.