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Established in 1980, the Triton College Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established to extend the campus and programs of Triton College to better serve its students, communities within District 504, and alumni by raising and stewarding investments for the institution. Donations to the Foundation are used to develop new programs and services, fund financial aid and faculty, purchase new equipment and library books, and maintain and operate its facilities.

Over the past several years, public funding to community colleges like Triton, has dwindled significantly. Now, the College must rely on support from donors like you to fulfill its mission. By making a donation to the Triton College Foundation, you are investing in the future of the people and communities served by the College every day. Join with us to ensure this important work continues. With your help, the Triton College Foundation will continue to help the College achieve its mission - Triton College is committed to student success through institutional and academic excellence, and providing a student-centered, lifelong learning environment for our diverse community.

Golf Outing: 2018
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