As envisioned by its Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff, the selfstudy conducted by Triton College was designed to fulfill three primary functions.

First, the process afforded the institution an opportunity to contribute to its continuous improvement by engaging the entire college community in a comprehensive and participative analysis and assessment of its strengths, challenges, and opportunities.

Second, based on the results of this inclusive institutional assessment, a broad-based consensus will be reached concerning where Triton will be going over the next five to ten years and what it needs to do to get there.

Third, the self-study process concurrently provides evidence to the Higher Learning Commission that Triton fulfills the criteria for re-accreditation.

Goals of the Self-Study
The process began by faculty, staff and administration collaboratively conceptualizing and articulating the following sets of goals that would guide Triton’s self-study:

  • Conduct a Self-Study inclusive of input from Triton College stakeholders
  • Conduct a Self-Study that considers stakeholders’ diverse needs
  • Identify strengths, concerns, and recommendations supportive of a mission-driven institution
  • Determine how effectively Triton College fulfills its mission
  • Determine how effectively Triton College exemplifies the five Higher Learning Commission Criteria
  • Identify actions supportive of future program improvements
  • Share the Self-Study with the Triton College community through varied venues

Self-Study Timeline
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Self-Study Plan of Action
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