• Learning Communities @ Triton

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    The Learning Community courses are taught by a team of faculty members and include specialized counseling opportunities, mentoring and tutor support that create the ideal environment for academic success. Through interactive sessions and hands-on experiences, you’ll learn to make critical connections between the content taught in both courses.

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    Two or more classes that complement each other and offer students an opportunity for a richer learning experience.
    An opportunity to connect ideas from courses to improve academic success.
    A link between two or more classes with a common theme, goals, and content.
    An effective way to learn.
    a group of students and faculty working collaboratively in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

    Important Information
       • You must follow normal registration procedures, meet the course prerequisites, and register for all classes in a learning community.
       • You cannot withdraw from just one of the classes, you must withdraw from all linked classes.
       • Separate grades are given for each class.

    Direct questions to learningcommunities@triton.edu