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Triton College is one of the largest community colleges in Illinois. The campus stands on more than 100 acres and consists of 19 buildings. The Triton College Police Department protects and serves approximately 20,000 students and staff members year round.

The Triton College Police Department is commissioned with full police powers pursuant to the Illinois Compiled Statutes. The Police Department is a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week agency that enforces all state and local laws, and College rules and regulations. We are located on the second floor of N Building, Room 206 on the Triton College West Campus (See Campus Map).

The Triton College Police Department is heavily involved with the College's Crisis Managment Team. For more information about this Team please go to www.triton.edu/crisismanagement.

The Triton College Police Department also collects lost and found items, which can be claimed at the department location above.

Our phone number and address are:
2000 North Fifth Avenue
Building N, Room 210
River Grove, Illinois 60171

SAFETY TIP 1: There are House Phones (RED or BLACK) located throughout campus inside of the buildings. These phones may be used to contact us in an emergency, or just for service. There are also exterior emergency call boxes located on the majority of campus buildings. DIAL "11" to reach the Triton College Police for service. DIAL "911" for emergencies.

SAFETY TIP 2: Triton has four emergency phone towers located in and around the parking lots. These towers are equipped with emergency phones, blue strobes and Closed Circuit Television. Triton Police monitor parking lot activities via these CCTV cameras. Please take a moment to locate these towers for your safety.

SAFETY TIP 3: Leave your valuables at home and make sure your property is secured when at the school. Unattended backpacks, cell phones, laptops, coats, and purses invites criminal activity and the loss of your property. Also, we suggest that you program your cell phone to our direct number (708) 456-6911. This is for your safety if you are outside or inside and you are not near an Emergency Phone. You can contact us directly any suspicious activity or any other concerns you might be experiencing at the time. See Contact Information for additional phone numbers and staff listings, and services for a complete list of department services.

Crisis Management Video - Click HERE

Emergency Response Guide 
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Emergency Response Guide  Emergency Response Guide