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    About the Technology Advisory Distance Education Committee

    TADEC Statement of Purpose:
    The Technology Advisory Distance Education Committee (TADEC) is a standing committee of the Academic Senate and engages in discussions and decisions related to the acquisition, maintenance and use of current and future technology for teaching and learning. In addition TADEC will advise, evaluate, review, and develop guidelines for the Triton College Technology Plan and Distance Learning Education Strategic Plan. TADEC makes recommendations on policy that are strategic in nature to promote distance education and support institutional and academic efforts of the College related to the appropriate use of technology.

    The committee will consist of 13 voting members representing the following areas:
       • Chair: Faculty member of Academic Senate
       • Assistant Vice President Technology & Innovation
       • 6 Faculty: Representing Arts & Sciences, Business & Technology, Health Career/Public Services, Library and Counseling
       • 1 Representative Adjunct Faculty
       • 1 Representative from Instructional Technology
       • 1 Representative from Information Services/Systems
       • 1 Representative from Continuing Education
       • 1 Student Representative

    Representative    Name   E-Mail
    Chair (Faculty):   Pamela Harmon    pamelaharmon@triton.edu
    Faculty Member   Hilary Meyer   hilarymeyer@triton.edu
    Faculty Member   Joe Beuchel   josephbeuchel@triton.edu
    Faculty Member   OPEN    
    Faculty Member   OPEN    
    Faculty Member   Myrna LaRosa   myrnalarosa@triton.edu
    Faculty Member   OPEN    
    Faculty Member   Pat Knol   patriciaknol@triton.edu
    Instructional Technology   Erin Stapleton-Corcoran   erinstapleton@triton.edu
    Information Services/Systems   Pat Kushino   patrickkushino@triton.edu
    Continuing Education   Paul Jensen   pauljensen@triton.edu
    AVP Technology & Innovation   Humberto Espino   humbertoespino@triton.edu
    Student   OPEN    
    TADEC Committee Bylaws  TADEC Committee Bylaws

    Scheduled Meeting Dates

    Contact us via e-mail: tadec@triton.edu