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It’s free!

Other reasons to join include:
   • Connecting with your community.
   • Helping charities, non-profits and faith-based community organizations conserve funds by contributing your time. 
   • Sharing your skills and learning new ones.
   • Developing self-esteem and self-confidence.
   • Meeting new people from all walks of life.
   • Enhancing your resume and making important networking contacts.
   • Promoting a worthwhile activity.
   • Feeling needed and valued.
   • Experiencing something new.
   • Serving your country.

As an RSVP volunteer, you also may receive:
   • Quarterly Newsletter: The Volunteer Voice
   • Supplemental auto insurance
   • Mileage reimbursement upon request and the availability of funds
   • An invitation to the annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon after serving just 36 hours in a year, that’s less than two hours a week

Click here to request more information.

   • Advisory Council (RSVP)
   • Children’s Activities
   • Computer/Data Entry/Internet
   • Conversation Tutor-ESL
   • Education
   • Food Pantry
   • Fund Raising/Grant Writing
   • Hospice/Respite
   • Library/Reading
   • Marketing
   • Office Aide/Clerical
   • Reception/Hospitality
   • SPOT Volunteer (Special Placement One Time)
   • Tax Counseling for the Elderly
   • Thrift/Gift/Resale Shops
   • Tutoring/Mentoring
   • Volunteer Recruitment

Join us. It’s FREE! Just fill out the application and send it to us.
To join, all you have to do is complete the two-page application and return it to the RSVP Office at:
Triton College
2000 Fifth Avenue
Room R-221
River Grove, IL 60171

By Fax: (708) 583-3778

Scan the application and e-mail it to

Volunteers have certain rights that help them to have a cooperative co-worker situation.
   • Receive a suitable assignment.
   • Be oriented, heard and recognized.
   • Be provided with the necessary training, supervision and tools for your volunteer assignment.
   • Have available someone to discuss any problems or questions regarding assignments.
   • Be provided with a safe and accessible environment.
   • Be respected and appreciated.
   • Have available to you the RSVP Office to assist you with questions, concerns or needs you may have.

You need to be 55 or older, have the desire to help others, a schedule that is flexible, and responsible.
On an annual basis we request the submission of a insurance form whether you are requesting mileage reimbursement or not. This form is usually sent out in December or January and due to the office in February.
On a monthly basis, we request that you submit a time sheet that reflects the hours you served during the month.

Time sheets are the way we keep track of the hours you serve. This helps so that we can report to the state and federal government on the impact our volunteers are having in the community. Specifically, the state bases our funding on the total amount of hours our volunteers serve—the more hours you serve, the more money we may receive.
Time sheets are due to the office by the fifth of each month. Click here to download a time sheet.

You can fill out the time sheet on your computer and either print and mail in the time sheet, fax it or send the completed file in an e-mail it to:
Triton College
2000 Fifth Ave.
River Grove, IL 60171
(708) 583-3778 (fax) (e-mail)