Work-Study Frequently Asked Questions



How do I qualify for a work-study position?

Federal Work-Study positions require you to have a completed financial aid file, be enrolled in at least six credit hours, and have Work-Study eligibility (as determined by the FAFSA).

Triton Work-Study positions require that you are enrolled in at least one college credit course. This program is not based on financial need.


How many hours can I work?

Each position is budgeted for a certain number of hours per week and for a certain number of weeks each fiscal year. You cannot be hired for more hours than those budgeted. You must qualify, based on your financial aid Work-Study award, to work the hours budgeted. 

Your Work-Study award letter indicates the amount you may earn; it is not an amount that you are guaranteed to receive. Work-Study positions are part-time and continue through the fiscal year, as long as you maintain your eligibility and the supervisor is satisfied with your work performance. 


How can I find out what positions are available?

Position listings are kept in the Work-Study Office, located in the Financial Aid Office (B-160). Positions open and fill quickly, so we recommend that you visit the Office as soon as your financial aid file has been completed. Positions for the fall semester are usually posted around the beginning of August. You may call the Work-Study Office, 708-456-0300, Ext. 3044, for the exact date the listings will be available.  

What if my Financial Aid file is finished and there are no jobs available?

If all positions have been filled for the semester or year you can add your name to our waiting list in the Work-Study Office located in the Financial Aid Office (B-160).  


Are work-study jobs available over the summer?

There are no Work-Study positions budgeted for the summer semester because Work-Study is based on the fiscal year.  



What is the hourly wage?

Hourly wages are determined by the position you are in and the position’s level of responsibility. Starting salary for an entry level position is currently at the minimum wage level (currently $8.25). You can check the student employment manual for more details on how starting salaries are determined.  



What are the advantages of obtaining a work-study position?

A job on campus is convenient and most positions will work around your class schedule. Federal Work-Study money earned does not count against your future financial aid eligibility. In addition, job opportunities on campus can enhance your resume and provide you with professional experience and an income while you attend college.

Next year when you complete your FASFA the money you earned through the Federal Work-Study Program is not used to determine your financial need as an off-campus job would.  


What departments hire students?

Work-Study positions are determined each year and are available in a variety of offices and departments. Examples of these would be positions available in Admission and Records, Financial Aid, the Cashier’s Office, the Library, science offices and a variety of academic division offices.  


Once I have picked out positions I am interested in, what do I do?

You will receive an interview sheet and an application form from the Work-Study Office. You will then need to contact the supervisor for the position you are interested in and ask to set up an interview. 

Make sure you have completed your application form to bring to your interview. You may also want to bring a copy of your class schedule, which will be helpful in developing a work-schedule if you are hired. If you have questions about the position, this is your time to address those questions.  


Once I have been interviewed and hired by a supervisor what do I do?

You will need to bring the interview sheet and application form back to the Work-Study Office. Hiring paperwork will need to be completed before you can begin working. Timesheets cannot be processed until you have completed all of the hiring steps.  


How do I get paid once I start working?

You will be paid every two weeks based on the College’s payroll schedule, as long as your timecards are turned in on time. Payroll checks are currently picked-up on Fridays after 9:30 a.m. in the Cashier’s Office, room B-130 (B Building).
Occasionally deadline dates for timecard submission and check pick-up may change. These dates will be posted by noon on Monday in the Work-Study Office.  


Are my earnings taxable?

The answer is “Yes” for both federal and state taxes. Completed tax forms will determine how much is withheld from your paycheck. Detailed information on withholding tables can be obtained from the Payroll Office.