Associate in Arts Teaching Degree/Secondary Science

Curriculum EDU.SCT.AAT (U213S)
(64.5 semester hours required)

Triton’s Education curriculum is designed to allow a student to achieve an Associate in Arts Teaching (AAT) degree. Students obtaining an AAT degree in Secondary Science should have equal status with university native students at the beginning of the junior year. Admission into the AAT degree program is dependent upon completion of AAT degree prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better in each course and an overall GPA of 2.5 or better in the prerequisite courses. Completion of these courses alone does not guarantee admission into the senior institution.

Degree Requirements:

  • Successful completion of the Illinois Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). It is recommended that students take the Basic Skills Test prior to their accumulation of 45 semester hours of credit. A student must pass the ITBS prior to being awarded an AAT degree. Official Illinois Test of Basic Skills test results must be submitted to the college prior to graduation.
  • Evidence of appropriate professional dispositions.
  • Students must complete a "C" or better in all coursework in the AAT Secondary Science Degree.

Last Update Effective: 8/25/13

AAT Degree Prerequisite Courses:

General Education/Communications (nine semester credits)


RHT 101

Freshman Rhetoric and Composition I



RHT 102

Freshman Rhetoric and Composition II



SPE 101

Principles of Effective Speaking


Note: Grade of "C" or better is an IAI requirement for RHT 101 and RHT 102

Remaining General Education:

General Education/Humanities & Fine Arts1 (six semester credits)

(one course from Humanities and one course from Fine Arts)

General Education/Social & Behavioral Sciences1 (six semester credits)

(courses taken from at least two disciplines)

General Education/Mathematics (nine to 10 semester credits)


MAT 131

Calculus & Analytic Geometry I







MAT 133

Calculus & Analytic Geometry II or



MAT 170

Elementary Statistic


General Education/Physical & Life Sciences (nine semester credits)

(one course from Life Sciences and one course from Physical Sciences, with one of the courses to include a lab)

(refer to NOTE under AAT Science Core Courses)

AAT Science Required Core Courses (eight semester credits)

NOTE: All four of the following core courses are required; however, BIS 150◊ and CHM 140◊ fulfill the Physical & Life Sciences general education requirement.


BIS 150

Principles of Biology I



CHM 140

General Chemistry I



PHS 100

Introduction to Earth Science



PHY 106

General Physics (Mechanics)


Major Courses (13 semester credits)

In order to facilitate transfer, the following courses are necessary to complete the introductory Biology, Chemistry and Physics sequences:


BIS 151

Principles of Biology II



CHM 141

General Chemistry II



PHY 107

General Physics (Electricity, Magnetism and Thermodynamics


Professional Education Courses (4.5 semester credits)


EDU 203

Portfolio Development for Educators



EDU 207

Introduction to Education


Total semester hours required for AAT in Secondary Science degree


Elective Option

These courses are in addition to the required hours for the AAT/Secondary Science degree. If additional hours will be accepted at your transfer school, choose one course from the following list, which best supports your area of concentration.


BIS 102

Human Heredity and Society



BIS 240

Human Anatomy & Physiology I



CHM 234

Organic Chemistry I



PHY 108

General Physics (Waves, Optics Relativity & Quantum Mechanics)


See EDU course descriptions; MAT course descriptions and IAI codes.

1Human Diversity is required; student needs to take one course with an asterisk, from Humanities & Fine Arts or Social & Behavioral Sciences as noted in the Associate in Arts degree.

Chairperson: Mary Ann Olson, Ext. 3672