Linux Professional Certificate

Curriculum CIS.LNX.CERT (C407Q)

The Linux Professional Certificate will prepare the student for the LPI (Linux Professional Institute) exam. LPI is a vendor neutral program.

Graduates will be able to:

  • demonstrate a basic understanding of computer hardware and software;
  • demonstrate basic level of competency in programming and logic skills pertaining to Linux-based systems;
  • present conclusions effectively, orally and in writing;
  • administer and maintain a Linux-based computer system;
  • work effectively in teams; and
  • apply the skills that are the focus of this program to business scenario.

Last Update Effective: 8/22/10

Semester One

Credit Hours


CIS 101

Introduction to Computer Science



CIS 177

Introduction to Linux






Semester Two


CIS 179

Linux System Administration








Total credits required


See CIS course descriptions.

Coordinator: Mike McGuire, Ext. 3349