Spring Semester 2015 Calendar

Nov. 3                     Advanced registration begins
Nov. 3–Dec. 31      Tuition deadline of Jan. 2 for students registering on these dates
Nov. 4                    FACTS Tuition Payment Plan available
TBA                       New Student Orientation
Nov. 24-Jan. 17     Registration/Placement Testing/New Student Orientation
Jan. 1-May 16       Tuition deadline of two (2) days for students registering on these dates
Jan. 15                   Dept. chairpersons return
Jan. 16                   Faculty Workshop
Jan. 19                   Holiday - closed
Jan. 20                  Credit and GED/ESL classes begin
Jan. 20-24             Schedule adjustment (add/drop)
Jan. 23                 Weekend College classes begin, first six-week session
Jan. 25                  Last day for 100% refund for 15-week classes*
Jan. 26                 Continuing Education classes begin
Jan. 27                  Last day for 50% refund for 15-week classes*
Feb. 6                   May 2015 graduation petition deadline
Feb. 19                 Last day to make up incomplete ("I") grades
Feb. 28                 Last day to drop first seven-week classes with a "W"
March 13             Weekend College classes begin, second six-week session
March 13             Mid-semester
March 16-22        Spring recess, no classes
March 23             Second seven-week classes begin
March 23             GED/ESL Mini-term classes begin

April 3-5              Spring Holiday, no classes
April 18               Last day to drop with a "W" for 15-week classes
May 4                  Last day to drop with a "W" for second seven-week classes
May 13-15, 18     Final exams
May                     Graduation—date and time to be determined
May 22                Grades due by 3 p.m.

*Refund and withdrawal dates are based on the percentage of completion of class calendar days: 100% refund=5.5%; 50% refund=5.6% - 8%; withdrawal with grade of “W” =75%. Please consult class schedule in your “My Triton” portal for specific dates. 

Summer Semester 2015 Calendar

Feb. 9                       Registration begins
Feb. 16-April 28      Tuition Deadline of April 30 for all students registering on these dates
April 29-Aug. 1       Tuition deadline of two (2) days for all students registering on these dates
May 29                    August 2015 Graduation petition deadline
June 9                     Continuing Education classes begin


First Five-Week Session

Feb. 16–May 24      Registration for first five-week session
May 25                    Holiday, no classes
May 26                   Credit classes begin
May 26-27              Schedule adjustment (add/drop)
June 18                   Last day to drop first five-week class with a "W"
June 26                   End of first five-week session
June 30                  Grades due by 7:30 p.m.



Eight-Week Session

Feb. 16–June 8       Registration for eight-week session
June 8                    Credit classes begin
June 8–9                Schedule adjustment (add/drop)
July 3-4                 Holiday, no classes
July 17                  Last day to drop eight-week class with a "W"
July 31                  End of eight-week session
Aug. 4                   Grades due by 7:30 p.m.



Second Five-Week Session

Feb. 16–June 29     Registration for second five-week session
June 29                  Credit classes begin
June 29-30              Schedule adjustment (add/drop)
July 3-4                  Holiday, no classes
July 23                   Last day to drop second five-week classes with "W"
July 31                   End of second five-week session
Aug. 4                   Grades due by 7:30 p.m.

Summer Session final exams are given the last day of class.