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Triton Retraining Assistance Center (TRAC)

Since 1983, the Triton College Retraining Assistance Center (TRAC) has successfully served communities and residents of west Cook County. TRAC helps participants find jobs that lead to self-sufficiency wages and career management skills in high-growth sectors in the Cook County and Illinois economy. Over the past decades, TRAC and its staff have been responsible for providing quality service assistance to more than 5,000 workers in the area.

Recently, Triton College has received funding for training programs from Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (CCW). The funding allows Triton to provide training to dislocated workers and assist with their placement in sustainable wage employment upon completion of their training period. Triton College currently serves dislocated workers who come from a plant closing or have been laid off from their job and are currently collecting unemployment benefits or have recently exhausted them.

Both credit and non-credit certificate programs are represented in the menu of training programs offered. Training programs are available in health care, technology, and hospitality, among other fields. Assessment will help applicants identify training areas that align with their needs and career interests. All interested individuals must attend an orientation, take a test and provide eligibility documentation.

For more information, call the Triton College TRAC Office at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3149.

TRAC is located within the Triton College Career Services Center in Room A-204 of the A Building.

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