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DSST Information

DSSTs (formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) are credit-by-examination tests used to measure knowledge acquired from prior learning. The DSST program is an extensive series of 38 examinations in college subject areas that are comparable to the final or end-of-course examinations in college courses. DSSTs offer students a cost-effective, time-saving way to accomplish their educational goals. More than 2,000 colleges and universities recognize the DSST program and award college credit for passing scores.

Prior to taking any DSST exam, candidates are encouraged to check with their credit-granting institution to verify that the exam will meet their curriculum needs.

Triton College currently accepts and awards credit for a passing score for the following DSST examinations:
(Bold = Revised Exams)

Social Science Passing
A History of the Vietnam War N/A No Course N/A
Art of the Western World 48 ART 111 3
Civil War and Reconstruction 47 HIS 210 3
Criminal Justice 49/400 CJA 111 or CJA 121 3
Foundations of Education 46 EDU 207 3
Fundamentals of Counseling N/A No Course N/A
General Anthropology 47 ANT 103 3
Human/Cultural Geography 48 GEO 104 3
Intro to Law Enforcement 45 CJA 111 3
Life Span Development Psychology 46 EDU 206 3
History of the Soviet Union N/A No Course N/A
Substance Abuse N/A No Course N/A
Business   Passing
Business Ethics & Society 400 HUM 126 1
Business Math 48/400 BUS 146 3
Human Resource Management 46 BUS 200 3
Introduction to Business 46/400 BUS 141 3
Organizational Behavior 48 PSY 201 or PSY 245 3
Personal Finance 46/400 BUS 113 3
Principles of Finance 46/400 BUS 112 3
Principles of Supervision 46/400 BUS 150 3
Management Information Systems 46/400 CIS 220 3
Money and Banking 48 ECO 150 3
Physical Science   Passing
Astronomy 48 AST 101 4
Environmental Science 46 BIS 105 4
Health and Human Development 48/400 HTH 104 2
Principles of Physical Science 47 PHY 100 4
Technology   Passing Score Equivalent Course Credits Award
Computing and Information Technology 45/400 CIS 101 3
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity N/A No Course N/A
Technical Writing 46 BUS 188 3
Humanities   Passing
Ethics in America 46/400 PHL 103 or PHL 106 3
Intro to World Religion 48/400 PHL 105 3
Principles of Public Speaking 47 SPE 101 3
Principles of Advanced English Composition N/A No Course N/A
Mathematics   Passing
Fundamentals of College Algebra 47/400 MAT 110 5
Principles of Statistics 48/400 MAT 170 3
Math for Liberal Arts N/A No Course N/A

How to Register
To take a DSST exam, you must schedule an appointment at Exams are two hours in length and computer-based. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to make your payment to the cashier and to check in at the Testing Center (Room A-126).

Exam Fees
   • Candidates must make two payments to take a DSST exam.
   • $85 per test (paid at the time you take your exam; credit or debit card only)
   • $15 per test (payable to Triton College by cash, credit card, check, or money order)
   Please pay the $15 administrative fee to the cashier before checking in at the Testing Center front desk (A-126).

Members of the military can visit for exam fee and funding information.

What to bring to the test
In addition to exam fees, a valid photo ID is required. Acceptable identification includes driver’s licenses, state/military IDs, or a current passport. All testing supplies will be provided. If you have previously taken a DSST exam, you will need to know your user ID and password prior to arriving to take your test.

Test Scores/Requesting Credit
Candidates will receive immediate test results by viewing their unofficial score report at the end of the testing session. Test results can also be viewed at by entering the username and password created when the test was taken.

If you want an official transcript of your scores sent to a college or university, you must provide the correct DSST code number of the school on your answer sheet at the time you take the exam. Prior to taking your exam, go to to find the DSST code number for the school where you would like your score report sent.

If no code is entered at the time of testing, there is a charge of a $30 transcript fee to send scores to your college.

In order to earn credits for your qualifying DDST exam score at Triton College, the Triton College Testing Center must receive an official score transcript from DSST and the candidate must fill out a general petition. Petitions can be obtained from the Testing Center or the Welcome Desk and should be submitted to the Testing Center.

Test Preparation
Visit the DSST website at for review materials.

Retest Policy
Candidates must wait 90 days from their last test date to retest on the same DSST title(s). Any attempts to retest on the same title in less than the specified time will automatically generate an invalid score report.

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